Look at this, Kristen Stewart drops award1

Susan Boyle was brought to the hospital after the finale night of Britain's Got Talent. She was seen wandering aimlessly at the lobby of the hotel where she was staying. It was found out that she was consumed by too much exhaustion. A spokesperson for Britain's Got Talent said:

"Following Saturday's show, Susan is exhausted and emotionally drained. She has been seen by her private GP, who supports her decision to take a few days out for rest and recovery. We offer her our ongoing support and wish her a speedy recovery."

Eminem and Bruno (Sasha Baron Cohen)got into a fight at the MTV Movie Awards. Eminem stormed out with his bodyguards.

This is all I can say after seeing Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx make out on stage: Oh my goodness! Yes, they literally make out on stage, not just kissing but touching some, uh, private parts, like lovers! This took place at the Spike TV 2009 Awards, in plane view of thousands of people. Halle Berry is for me one of the sexiest women alive, I also like her style, her acting, and everything about her. What can I say with this one? Nothing, just uh-uh :)

Check out this video of Eminem commercial for the MTV Movie Awards 2009.

Here's the NBA Finals Schedule 2009 with information on where to get tickets and gear:

No. 1 Los Angeles Lakers vs. No. 3 Orlando Magic
- Game 1: Thursday, June 4 - Orlando at L.A. - 9PM ET on ABC | Tickets | Gear
- Game 2: Sunday, June 7 - Orlando at L.A. - 8PM ET on ABC |
Tickets | Gear
- Game 3: Tuesday, June 9 - L.A. at Orlando - 9PM ET on ABC |
Tickets | Gear
- Game 4: Thursday, June 11 - L.A. at Orlando - 9PM ET on ABC |
Tickets | Gear
- Game 5*: Sunday, June 14 - L.A. at Orlando - 8PM ET on ABC |
Tickets | Gear
- Game 6*: Tuesday, June 16 - Orlando at L.A. - 9PM ET on ABC |
Tickets | Gear
- Game 7*: Thursday, June 18 - Orlando at L.A. - 9PM ET on ABC |
Tickets | Gear

Diversity Dance Troupe stole Susan Boyle's chance. See the performance that caused them the win.

Susan Boyle lost to the dance group Diversity. But she's still a winner to many.

If you've seen the leaked version of the New Moon trailer, there is no reason that you should not check out the official version.

Mothers should not be very pushy. Look at Hollie Steel breaking down in the middle of a performance. Fake breakdown or not, her mother shouldn't have placed the child in that situation.

Can you remember what was cool during the 90's? Whenever I see old photographs I could not help but take note of how bad looking now what was "cool" then. This is also what happened to Blossom Russo, or Mayim Bialik, that once cool girl who had some of the best babydoll dresses and outlandish hats we'd seen. Now she has become a self-professed "fashion disaster". But she's back on the boob tube with What Not to Wear where she'd turn her closet over to the ones in the know for a badly needed makeover. The show premieres tonight at 9. 

Do you know where to get the hottest and most popular styles of clothing today? Of course I know that you know that you can only have it at AMIClubwear. Those who shop at AMIClubwear know that fashion is not limited to dresses only; fashion is how you make your surroundings complement with what and who you are. AMIClubwear perfectly understands this that is why they are able to deliver in many ways the best of what fashion has to offer. 

AMIClubwear is on Twitter and MySpace, but don't you know that they are on Youtube? Yes, you can check out AMIClubwear on YouTube; they are also having a contest where you can have a chance of winning $300 worth of Gift Certificate from AMIClubwear. This contest does not require you to buy anything to be able to join. The Get Your AMI On Contest is open to anyone living in the US and is at least 18 years old. The contest is very easy, all you need to do is just subscribe to AMIClubwear YouTube page. But of course, you can always check out the official contest rules. What are you waiting for, your chance of winning $300 worth of Gift Certificate from AMIClubwear is just a mouse click away. Subscribe to their YouTube page now and get your AMI on!


If you are waiting for the MTV Movie Awards 2009 debut of the New Moon trailer, you'll be way behind because the trailer has been leaked. See the video above

Phil Spector, the famed producer who originated "wall of sound" technique in rock music, was given a sentence of 19 years to life in prison for the death of actress Lana Clarkson. 

Check out the Toy Story 3 trailer and you'll surely feel that June 2010 is such a long way to go.

Stop whacking your head with solving the problem; you'll surely escape the bathroom with the following tips:

1. Take soap from dish.
2. Take picture from waste bin.
3. Plug in the toilet. [The plugs are on the left side of the toilet.]
4. Open toilet, press last button, notice it says triangle + triangle = circle.
5. Go to sink, turn on cold water. Use soap and water.
6. Use the soap on the hot water knob stuck in the tub. Take knob.
7. Put knob on sink, turn on hot water. Wait for mirror to steam up. When it's steamy it'll say H-our, H-ot, H-eart, and H-igh. You need to find the color that corresponds to the word. [In this case: green, red, yellow, blue.] Open the mirror. Take toothpaste, picture, and brushes. Also, on top of the mirror, take dentist mirror.
8. Click to the soap dish, use toothpaste on loose screw. Take razor.
9. Use razor to cut the ropes off the knobs. Turn on water. Click on the shower head. Notice the triangle, look at the number. So, triangle = whatever number it says.
10. Move to the toilet, take off the top, take blue toothbrush.
11. Click to the trash view, Click on top left corner [ red mark ] it says the second triangle number. Use the dentist mirror to see behind the toilet. Add both triangle numbers and you get the circle number for you door code.
12. Go back to mirror, open, and look at picture. It says the key to getting the square number. Arrange the brushes like in the picture and do the math. The answer is your square number.
13. Go back to toilet, open, click on the picture of the man. The picture goes into the toilet. Flush it.
14. Move to trash can view, triangle view [for looking behind the toilet.] On bottom left of toilet find the lightbulb.
15. Put the lightbulb in the lamp by the toilet. Open the curtain. Turn out lights, and look at curtain. It highlights the star number.
16. Put the numbers you found [Square, triangle, circle.]
17. Click to the ceiling and find a attic door.
18. Click the door and you're out!!!

Okay, add this word in your vocabulary, this is the word that gave Kavya Shivashanka, the 13 year old girl from Kansas the championship trophy in the Scripps National Spelling Bee 2009.


La-od-i-ce-an [ley-od-uh-see-uhn]


1. lukewarm or indifferent, esp. in religion, as were the early Christians of Laodicea.


2. a person who is lukewarm or indifferent, esp. in religion.

A 13-year-old girl from Kansas won the Scripps National Spelling Bee 2009. Kavya Shivashankar outspelled 11 other finalists. The word "Laodicean" which means "lukewarm or indifferent in religion or politics" gave her the win. Okay, to be honest with you guys, this is the first time for me to encounter this word. How about you?

Kavya won $40,000 and a big trophy. Another thing: she looked so cool all the way during the competition :)

During its coverage of the NBA Eastern Conference finals Thursday night, TNT will show an interview Chris Webber conducted with Rodney Rogers, who was left a quadriplegic after a dirt bike accident in November.

Sun Mingming is a Chineseis and is one of the tallest professional basketball players ever known. He is 7 ft 9 in (236 cm), weighing 320 pounds (168 kg).

What will you get if you mix Google Doc and Gmail? Answer: Google Wave, "a new model for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year." This new tool will be available later this year, we'll just wait a little while while the Google guys are preparing it for us to enjoy.

The downside of celebrity is that when you have a meltdown the world will surely see. Susan Boyle is a celebrity, whether you are a Susan Boyle hater or not, you have to accept the fact that she is bigger than you. Susan Boyle had a meltdown and she spewed out some four-letter F words after some "Susan Boyle Haters" provoked her into having a meltdown. Here's a snippet of a news report about Susan Boyle's meltdown:

‏Susan Boyle had a meltdown on Wednesday in the middle of a hotel lobby. She cursed up a storm for hundreds of dollars of guests to hear. Learn a larger number of about the Susan Boyle meltdownSusan Boyle has certainly become a media sensation ever since her mainly arrival on Britain’s Got Talent.

This looks good, at least the trailer, I mean. I will watch this, i'll tell my hubby to download this movie :)

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck 80 miles (130 kilometers) northeast of La Ceiba, Honduras on Thursday. The earthquake was also felt in Guatemala.

What if you are only 29 years old and recieving minimum wage but you have 21 kids to support? Well, ask Desmond Hachett, the 21 year old guy from Tennessee. Here's the story about him:

Hatchett says he wasn’t out to set a record. He says he never intended to have this many children, “It just happened.” He fathered the children by at least 11 different women and he claims all of the mothers knew about his large family. The children range in age from newborn to 11 years old.

The question Knox County officials now face is how to support all these children. Hatchett works a minimum wage job and by law the state can only take 50% of his paycheck for child support. By the time that money is split 21 ways, some of the mothers get less than $2 per month. That leaves the taxpayers footing a large portion of the bill for these children.

Even though Hatchett can’t support the children he has, there is nothing the state can do to prevent him from having more. Hatchett reports that he had 4 children in one year, twice. He says he’s done having children now, but only time will tell. He does say that he’s a good father and knows the names, ages, and birthdates of all of his children.

All of the blame can’t be placed on Hatchett in this case. One has to wonder about the women who chose to have his children. In the end, the children and the taxpayers of Tennessee will pay for their choices for years to come.

All I can say is EWWWWW!!!

The 82nd Scripps National Spelling Bee finals will be on Thursday night, the winner will receive more than $40,000 in cash and prizes.

There are changes in Fox's scheduling for the 2009-2010 TV season. see the schedule So You Think You Can Dance 2009:

8pm - House
9pm - Lie to Me

8pm - So You Think You Can Dance (two-hour performance show)

8pm - So You Think You Can Dance (results show)
9pm - Glee (NEW)

8pm - Bones
9pm - Fringe

8pm - Brothers (NEW)
8:30pm - Til Death
9pm - Dollhouse

8pm - The Simpsons
8:30pm - The Cleveland Show (NEW)
9pm - Family Guy
9:30pm - American Dad

What a goal!

UEFA Champions League Final 2009 team reports is here:

Manchester United
Whilst Barcelona have a few key absences, Manchester United only have one; that of suspended midfielder Darren Fletcher.

Brazilian Anderson seems likely to be the one to replace the Scotsman in the centre of the pitch whilst the experienced pair of Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs battle it out for a spot in the starting XI.

The possible starting players (4-5-1): Van Der Sar – O’Shea, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra – Giggs, Carrick, Anderson, Rooney, Park – Ronaldo

Manchester united Last Form Guide
May 24 Hull City 0-1 Manchester United (Premier League)
May 16 Manchester United 0-0 Arsenal (Premier League)
May 13 Wigan Athletic 1-2 Manchester United (Premier League)
May 10 Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City (Premier League)
May 05 Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United (Champions League)

Eric Abidal and Daniel Alves both picked up suspensions in the last round, whilst Rafael Marquez is injured and will be replaced by former Manchester United player Gerard Pique.
The possible starting players Barcelona (4-3-3): Valdes – Puyol, Toure, Pique, Sylvinho – Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta – Messi, Eto’o, Henry
Barcelona Last Form Guide
May 23 Barcelona 0-1 Osasuna (La Liga)
May 17 Real Mallorca 2-1 Barcelona (La Liga)
May 13 Athletic Bilbao 1-4 Barcelona (Copa del Rey)
May 10 Barcelona 3-3 Villarreal (La Liga)
May 06 Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona (Champions League)

Here we go again, another American Idol voting controversy. This new controversy started when Arkansas Gazette reported that some AT&T employees attended a party and taught some people how to "power text" in favor of Kris Allen. Time picked up the story so here we are now, with the "voting controversy". But AT&T says that “In Arkansas, we were invited to attend the local watch parties organized by the community. A few local employees brought a small number of demo phones with them and provided texting tutorials to those who were interested.” AT&T and Fox denied the alledge voting irregularities and issued this statement:

Fox and the producers of 'American Idol' are absolutely certain that the results of this competition are fair, accurate and verified,Kris Allen is, without a doubt, the 'American Idol.' We have an independent third-party monitoring procedure in place to insure the integrity of the voting process. In no way did any individuals unfairly influence the outcome of the competition

Carrie Prejean and the California Supreme Court have the same line of good thinking. The California Supreme Court's decision on Proposition 8 in a way serves as an exclamation point on Carrie Prejean's statement about same-sex marriage.

Who would be President Obama's nominee for the supreme court? The answer: Sonia Sotomayor. Check this out, from major newspapers:

President Obama will nominate Judge Sonia Sotomayor of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit as his first appointment to the court, officials said Tuesday, and has scheduled an announcement for 10:15 a.m. at the White House.

If confirmed by the Democratic-controlled Senate, Judge Sotomayor, 54, would replace Justice David H. Souter to become the second woman on the court and only the third female justice in the history of the Supreme Court. She also would be the first Hispanic justice to serve on the Supreme Court.

The scandal that Hayden Kho is involved in has gotten out of hand. I thought that it is hot only in the Philippines, but the "Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal Part 2" keyword has entered Google's top 100 hottest trends. So it is no longer just within the Philippine blogosphere. How dangerous technology is, dark little bedroom secrets could become an item for the world to see with just one mistake.

Why is Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season Premiere hot? Of course, with all the rumors circulating around about their marriage falling apart. Kate professes that "everything is falling apart" but that she "will not give up" and "won't lay (sic) down and die."

Okay, are you a Lakers fan? Well, this game will not cause you a heart attack, you can watch it and relax. Game 4 does not really require Lakers to exert much effort. As to Nuggets, the must win in game 4 to keep the ball rolling. 

Here's a never-before-seen clip from Land of the Lost, the upcoming Universal comedy where Will Farrell stars as Dr. Rick Marshall.
After being sucked into a space-time vortex with his co-workers Will (Danny McBride) and Holly (Anna Friel), the down on his luck scientist discovers a new breed of lizard people living in a nearby cave.

By the way, Kathy Coleman does a cameo role here.

The Last Templar Synopsis:

Based on a novel by Raymond Khoury, this two-part, four-hour TV movie follows a Manhattan archaeologist (Mira Sorvino) as she reluctantly teams with an FBI agent (Scott Foley) to discover the lost secrets of the medieval Knights Templar. Victor Garber and Omar Sharif also star in this 2009 movie.

Title: The Last Templar
TV Rating: TV14
TV Rating Advisory: V
Genre: action/adventure
Part 1 of 2. A Manhattan archaeologist (Mira Sorvino) and an FBI agent (Scott Foley) embark on a globe-spanning quest to unearth the shadowy secrets of the medieval Knights Templar after an ancient device is pilfered from New York's Metropolitan Museum. Victor Garber.

HDTV Resolution: 1080i
Audio Level: Dolby 5.1
Run time: 7200
Release Year: 2009
Original air date:
Event date:
Movie type: Made for TV
Star rating:
Languages: English
Other Information: Stereo, Close Captioned, , Repeat, HDTV

Looking for a link to the free streaming of TNA Sacrifice 2009? Well, click here and enjoy!

Indy 500 results:

Full results after the jump:

1. Helio Castroneves
2. Dan Wheldon
3. Danica Patrick
4. Townsend Bell
5. Will Power
6. Scott Dixon
7. Dario Franchitti
8. Ed Carpenter
9. Paul Tracy
10. Hideki Mutoh
11. Alex Tagliani
12. Tomas Scheckter
13. Alex Lloyd
14. Scott Sharp
15. Ryan Briscoe
16. A.J. Foyt IV
17. Sarah Fisher
18. Mike Conway
19. John Andretti
20. Milka Duno
21. Vitor Meira
22. Raphael Matos
23. Justin Wilson
24. E.J. Viso
25. Nelson Philippe
26. Tony Kanaan
27. Oriol Servia
28. Robert Doornbos
29. Davey Hamilton
30. Graham Rahal
31. Marco Andretti
32. Ryan Hunter-Reay
33. Mario Moraes

Danica Patrick is the new GoDaddy girl. Watch her controversial internet-only commercial at the GoDaddy website. The above video is just a 30-second teaser trailer.

Here's the profile of the driver at the 2009 Indianapolis 500:


1. (3) w-Helio Castroneves, 34, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Team Penske; 224.864 mph. Two-time Indy 500 winner missed season-opener during his tax evasion trial, in which he was acquitted of most charges. Seventh at Long Beach and runner-up at Kansas, he's 10th in season points. Has won 14 IndyCar races, at least one each season since 2001 when he came to IRL. Won Indy in 2001 and 2002, the first to repeat since Al Unser Sr. in 1970-71. Fourth at Indy last year. Won TV's "Dancing with the Stars" in 2007.

2. (6) Ryan Briscoe, 27, Sydney, Australia; Team Penske, 224.083 mph. Won season-opener at St. Petersburg, his third career win, and is second in series points after three races, one point behind Tony Kanaan. Was a test driver in Formula One in 2004. Best finish in three starts at Indy was fifth in 2007. Also finished second in American Le Mans Series LMP2 class in 2007 and joined Penske's IndyCar team last year in place of former Indy champion Sam Hornish Jr., who moved to NASCAR.

3. (10) Dario Franchitti, 36, Edinburgh, Scotland; Ganassi Racing; 224.010 mph. The 2007 Indy 500 and IndyCar champion, returns after unsuccessful NASCAR attempt. Third behind Tony Kanaan and Ryan Briscoe in series points. Won at Long Beach but 18th after crashing at Kansas. Finished 19th as Indy rookie in 2002 but missed race in 2003 after breaking his back in motorcycle accident. Sixth and seventh the next two years before winning. Married to actress Ashley Judd.


4. (02) Graham Rahal, 20, New Albany, Ohio; Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing; 223.954 mph. Son of Rahal Letterman Racing co-owner and 1986 Indy winner Bobby Rahal. Won his IRL debut at St. Petersburg, Fla., last year, becoming the youngest winner in major open-wheel racing. Started from pole and finished seventh in two of the first three races this season, eighth in series points. Finished 33rd at Indy last year after crashing on lap 37.

5. (9) w-Scott Dixon, 28, Auckland, New Zealand; Ganassi Racing; 223.867 mph. Defending Indy 500 and IndyCar Series champion. Making 100th career start in IRL. Coming off win at Kansas, his 17th career victory, is fourth in season points. CART rookie of the year in 2001, when victory at Nazareth, Pa., made him at 20 the youngest winner in major open-wheel racing. Moved to IRL with Ganassi and won first series championship in 2003. Won four races in 2007 and six races in 2008.

6. (11) Tony Kanaan, 34, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Andretti Green Racing; 223.612 mph. The 2004 IndyCar champion leads the series this season by one point over Ryan Briscoe after finishing fifth, third and third. Has 13 career wins, but best finish in seven starts at Indy was runner-up to Buddy Rice in rain-shortened 2004 race. Ended up 29th after crashing at Indy last year, but led 12 laps and is the only driver in history to lead in each of his first seven starts at Indianapolis.


7. (5) Mario Moraes, 20, Sao Paulo, Brazil; KV Racing Technology; 223.331 mph. Former karting star, finished second in South American F3 series in 2006 and 14th in the British F3 International Series in 2007. Joined IRL in 2008, and best finish in 19 IndyCar starts seventh last year at Watkins Glen. Led three laps and finished 18th in first start at Indy a year ago. Nineteenth in series points this season, with best finish 11th at Kansas.

8. (26) Marco Andretti, 22, Nazareth, Pa.; Andretti Green Racing; 223.114 mph. Indy runner-up and rookie of the year in 2006, when he was passed by Sam Hornish Jr. just before the checkered flag. Crashed and finished 24th at Indy in 2007 and third last year. Seventh in series points this season after finishing sixth at Long Beach and Kansas. Son of car owner Michael Andretti, grandson of 1969 Indy winner Mario Andretti. Only IndyCar win at Infineon Raceway in 2006.

9. (12) Will Power, 28, Toowoomba, Australia; Penske Racing; 223.028 mph. Champ Car rookie of the year in 2006. Was 13th at Indianapolis and 12th in IndyCar series as a rookie last year. Hired by Penske this season after Helio Castroneves was charged with tax evasion. Ninth in season points in two races this season, with pole and second-place at Long Beach, his best finish in 18 IndyCar starts. Switched to different car after Castroneves returned to team.


10. (7) Danica Patrick, 27, Roscoe, Ill.; Andretti Green Racing; 222.882 mph. First woman to win major open-wheel race with victory in Japan last year. Sixth in points this season after finishing fourth at Long Beach and fifth at Kansas. Indy and IRL rookie of the year in 2005, when she won three poles and started and finished fourth at Indianapolis, where she was the first woman to lead the race. Eighth at Indianapolis in 2006 and '07, was 22nd last year after crashing with Ryan Briscoe.

11. (99) Alex Lloyd, 24, Manchester, England; Ganassi Racing/Sam Schmidt Motorsports; 222.622 mph. Won Indy Lights series championship in 2007. Won the developmental series' Liberty Challenge in 2006 and Freedom 100 in 2007, making him the only driver to win on both the oval and road courses at Indy. Was 25th at Indianapolis in his first IndyCar start last year with Rahal Letterman. Making his first start this season.

12. (2) r-Raphael Matos, 27, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Luczo Dragon Racing; 223.429 mph. In his first IndyCar season after winning series championships in the Formula Dodge, Star Mazda Pro, Champ Car Atlantic and Indy Lights developmental programs. Sixteenth in series points this season, with best finish eighth at Long Beach, where he led two laps. First championship was 2001 Brazilian Chevrolet Formula Junior series.


13. (15) Paul Tracy, 40, Scarborough, Canada, KV Racing Technology; 223.111 mph. Making his first start at Indy since 2002, when he finished second to Helio Castroneves and lost an appeal that he had passed Castroneves for the win before the caution flag came out on the last lap. That was still his best finish in five starts at Indy. Won 30 CART/Champ Car races in 1993-2007 and was that series champion with seven wins in 2003. Last win was in 2007 at Cleveland.

14. (14) Vitor Meira, 32, Brasilia, Brazil; A.J. Foyt Enterprises; 223.054 mph. Holds IndyCar record with 96 career starts without a win. Finished second in eight races, including twice at Indianapolis in 2005 and 2008. Fifteenth in series points this season, with best finish ninth in opener at St. Petersburg. Began racing go-karts when he was 12 and won a Brazilian karting title before moving to Europe in 1995. Joined IRL in 2002 after two seasons in European F3000 series.

15. (18) Justin Wilson, 30, Sheffield, England; Dale Coyne Racing; 222.903 mph. Won 2001 F3000 championship and had 16 Formula One starts in 2003. Had four Champ Car wins and was series runner-up in 2006 and 2007. Joined IndyCar series last year, with his only win in 19 starts at Belle Isle. Was 27th at Indianapolis as a rookie in 2008. Twelfth in series points this season with best finish third in opener.


16. (27) Hideki Mutoh, 26, Tokyo, Japan; Andretti Green Racing; 222.805 mph. Runner-up in developmental Indy Lights in 2007, joined Andretti Green when 2007 Indy and IRL champion Dario Franchitti left for NASCAR. Best finish in 21 career starts was second at Iowa in 2008. Fourteenth in series points this year, with best finish eighth at Kansas. Seventh as a rookie at Indianapolis last year.

17. (20) Ed Carpenter, 28, Indianapolis; Vision Racing; 222.780 mph. Drives for team co-owned by his stepfather, Speedway boss Tony George. Started in midget and sprint cars, finished third in IRL's developmental Indy Lights in 2002 and 2003, including win at Indianapolis in 2003. Best finish in five starts in the Indy 500 was fifth last year, when he led three laps. Seventeenth in series points this season, with best finish ninth at Kansas.

18. (4) w-Dan Wheldon, 30, Emberton, England; Panther Racing; 222.777 mph. The Indy 500 winner and IndyCar champion in 2005 has gone 12 races without a win and is 11th in points after three races this season. Won two races in each of the past three years. Best finish this season fifth at Long Beach. Former rookie of the year in the U.S. F2000, Toyota Atlantic, Indy Lights and IndyCar series. Fifteen career wins in IndyCar.


19. (41) A.J. Foyt IV, 24, Hockley, Texas; A.J. Foyt Enterprises; 222.586 mph. Grandson of four-time Indy winner A.J. Foyt. Making his first start of the season with his grandfather's team after two years with Vision Racing. Won Indy Lights championship in 2002 and was youngest starter in Indy 500 history in 2003, when he was 18th as a rookie. Best finish in five starts at Indy was 14th and best career finish was third at Kentucky, both in 2007.

20. (16) Scott Sharp, 41, Norwalk, Conn., Panther Racing; 222.162 mph. Former Indy pole-starter, making a record 147th IndyCar Series start but first since 2007. Best finish in 13 starts at Indianapolis also was in 2007, when he was sixth. He started from the pole in 2001 but crashed on the first lap and finished 33rd. Only career win was at New Hampshire in 1996. Drove in American Le Mans Series last year, finishing second in LMP2 class with one win at Long Beach.

21. (67) Sarah Fisher, 28, Commercial Point, Ohio; Sarah Fisher Racing; 222.082 mph. Became third woman to race at Indianapolis in 2000. Drove in NASCAR West series in 2005 and returned to IRL in 2006. Best finish in 70 career starts was second at Homestead in 2001. First woman to start from pole in a major U.S. race at Kentucky in 2002. Best finish in seven Indy 500 starts 18th in 2007. Formed her own race team last year and making her first start this season.


22. (44) Davey Hamilton, 46, Nampa, Idaho; Dreyer & Reinbold Racing; 221.956 mph. Making only third start, all at Indianapolis, since he was seriously injured in a crash at Texas in 2001 and underwent 21 operations on feet and legs. At the time, he was the only driver to compete in every IRL race since league began in 1996. Was ninth and 14th at Indy the past two years. Best finish in eight races at Indy was fourth in 1998. IndyCar runner-up in 1997 and 1998.

23. (06) r-Robert Doornbos, 27, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing; 221.692 mph. In his first IndyCar season, is 13th in series points with best finish ninth at Long Beach. Drove in 11 races in Formula One in 2005 and 2006, and was Champ Car rookie of the year in 2007, when he won two races and was third in series points. Drove for A1 Team Netherlands and was a Formula One test driver with Renault last year.

24. (8) Townsend Bell, 34, San Francisco; KV Racing Technology; 221.195 mph. Indy Lights rookie of the year in 2000 and series champion in 2001. Drove in former CART series in 2002 and Formula 3000 in 2003 before joining IndyCar in 2004. Best finish was fifth at Nashville in 2004. Best finish in two starts at Indianapolis was 10th last year. Making his first start this season.


25. (17) Oriol Servia, 34, Pals, Spain; Rahal Letterman Racing; 220.984 mph. Champ Car series runner-up in 2005, filling in for injured Bruno Junqueira. Finished sixth in Champ Car in 2007 and joined IRL with KV Racing last year. Ninth in series points in 2008, with best finish fourth at Belle Isle. First tried to make Indy 500 in 2002 but failed on three qualifying attempts; finished 11th as a rookie at Indianapolis last year. Making his first start this season.

26. (19) Tomas Scheckter, 28, Cape Town, South Africa; Dale Coyne Racing; 221.496 mph. Son of 1979 F1 champion Jody Scheckter. Runner-up in the British Formula 3 championship in 2000 and in Formula Nissan series in 2001. Led 85 laps and was co-rookie of the year at Indianapolis in 2002 and finished fourth in 2003. Only wins in 99 IndyCar starts were at Michigan in 2002 and Texas in 2005. Making his first start this season.

27. (24) r-Mike Conway, 25, Bromley, England, Dreyer & Reinbold Racing; 221.417 mph. British Formula 3 Renault champion in 2004 and British Formula 3 International champion in 2006. Drove the past two years in GP2 Series and made his IndyCar debut this year with 22nd place at St. Petersburg. Has crashed in all three IndyCar starts, and 23rd in points after finishing a season-best 19th at Kansas.

ROW 10

28. (43) John Andretti, 46, Indianapolis; Richard Petty Motorsports; 221.316 mph. Nephew of Mario Andretti and cousin of Michael and Marco Andretti. Was 30th at Indianapolis in 2007 in his first start since 1994 and 16th last year. Spent most of last decade in NASCAR. Making his first IndyCar start this season with team entered by seven-time NASCAR champ Richard Petty. Best finish in nine Indy 500s was fifth in 1991; only IndyCar win also in 1991 in Australia.

29. (13) E.J. Viso, 24, Caracas, Venezuela; HVM Racing; 221.164 mph. A test driver in Formula One in 2006, he also competed in the European GP 2 Series, winning twice. No wins in 18 IndyCar starts the past two season, with best finish fourth last year at St. Petersburg. Started and finished 26th in his first race at Indianapolis last year, and 22nd in series points this season with best finish 17th in the opener, also at St. Petersburg.

30. (23) Milka Duno, 37, Caracas, Venezuela; Dreyer & Reinbold Racing; 221.106 mph. Fifth woman to qualify at Indy, was 31st in her rookie race in 2007 and 19th last year. Best finish in 19 IndyCar starts 11th at Texas in 2007. Finished 16th at Kansas in her only start this season. Before IRL, she raced sports cars for a decade, winning Panoz GT Series in 2000. Victory at Homestead in 2004 made her the first woman to win a major North American sports car race.

ROW 11

31. (00) r-Nelson Philippe, 22, Valence, France, HVM Racing; 220.754 mph. Making his first IndyCar start. Began racing in Champ Car in 2004, when at 17 he was the youngest ever to start in that series. Only victory was at Surfers Paradise in 2006, when he became the youngest to win a Champ Car race and finished fourth in series points. Drove in final Champ Car race at Long Beach last year and competed in Superleague Formula in Europe.

32. (21) Ryan Hunter-Reay, 28, Boca Raton, Fla.; Vision Racing; 220.597 mph. IndyCar series rookie of the year in 2007 and Indy 500 rookie of the year in 2008 after finishing sixth. Fifth in series points this season, with best finish second in opener at St. Petersburg. Only win in 26 IndyCar starts was at Watkins Glen last year. Won three Grand National karting championships in the 1990s.

33. (36) r-Alex Tagliani, 36, Lachenaie, Canada, Conquest Racing; 221.115 mph. Starting last because car qualified by Bruno Junqueira. Drove in CART/Champ Car in 2000-08, with best finishes second three times. Competed in the final Champ Car race at Long Beach last year and drove his first two IndyCar points races for Conquest, finishing 22nd at Belle Isle and 12th at Chicagoland. Also finished fourth for Conquest in the season-ending exhibition race at Surfers Paradise.

I love her performance at the Jay Leno Tonight Show. By the way, Tori Amos has a new album out, Abnormally Attracted to Sin.

As a tribute to police officers who died doing their police duty, Boston Police Department and Boston Police Runner’s Club are having the Boston Run to Remember. On May 23-24 people in Boston are invited to participate in th run. On the 24th would be the race.

Modern Warfare 2 trailer will premiere a few hours from now at the NBA Eastern Conference Finals on TNT. The trailer is 60 seconds long. After its debut, a longer version will be available for viewing in select websites.

The 15-day French Open starts today. Here is the rest of the schedule:

The women's singles final is June 6; the men's singles final is June 7.

2008 men's singles champion: Rafael Nadal of Spain.

2008 women's singles champion: Ana Ivanovic of Serbia.

Last year: Nadal beat Roger Federer, 6-1, 6-3, 6-0, in the final, the most lopsided Grand Slam loss of Federer's career. Ivanovic won her first major title to briefly rise to No. 1 in the rankings.

Key statistic: 28-0 -- Nadal's career record at Roland Garros. He is trying to become the first man to win the French Open five years in a row.

Prize money: At the current exchange rate, the total is about $21.8 million, with about $1.4 million each to the men's and women's singles champions.

TV: ESPN2, Tennis Channel, Channel 4.

Here's the score card:

Round 1:
Jordan Breen scores the round: 10-9 Hughes
TJ De Santis scores the round: 10-9 Serra
Mike Fridley scores the round: 10-9 Serra

Round 2
Jordan Breen scores the round: 10-9 Hughes
TJ De Santis scores the round: 10-9 Hughes
Mike Fridley scores the round: 10-9 Hughes

Round 3
Jordan Breen scores the round: 10-10
TJ De Santis scores the round: 10-9 Hughes
Mike Fridley scores the round: 10-9 Serra

Disney has renewed Legend of the Seeker so we can expect season 2 very soon.

Legend of the Seeker is based on the book Sword of Truth which was written by Terry Goodkind. In Hartland, Richard Cypher discovers that he is Seeker, the person whose life is dedicated to the fight against the evil Lord Darken Rahl. His has powerful friends-- the sorcerer Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander and Kahlan Amnell, a confessor.

Find UFC 98 live stream that is legal and not illegeal. Go to the UFC channel to get it.

Here's a quick result of UFC 98:


Lyoto Machida defeats Rashad Evans via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
Matt Hughes defeats Matt Serra via Unanimous Decision
Drew McFedries defeats Xavier Foupas-Pokam via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
Chael Sonnen defeats Dan Miller via Unanimous Decision
Frank Edgar defeats Sean Sherk via Unanimous Decision
Brock Larson defeats Mike Pyle via submission (arm triangle choke) in round one
Tim Hague defeats Pat Barry via submission (guillotine choke) in round one
Kyle Bradley defeats Phillipe Nover via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Krzysztof Soszynski defeats Andre Gusmao via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Yoshiyuki Yoshida defeats Brandon Wolff via submission (guillotine choke) in round one
George Roop defeats Dave Kaplan via split decision

Here's UFC 98 fight card and predictions from NewsDay:

Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida: UFC light heavyweight championship

Tough call here. Both are undefeated and have looked dominant in recent fights. Machida (14-0) is a 2-1 favorite and that just doesn't look right. So we're taking the 18-0-1 Evans to successfully defend his title.

The prediction: Evans by knockout in the 3rd round.

Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra

Serra (16-5) has been talking plenty of trash in the build up to this welterweight grudge match. Hughes (43-7) has kept up his end of the bargain, and it's refreshing to see two fighters genuinely dislike each other and speak freely about it. Ordinarily, I'd favor the guy who talks less, just on principle. But Serra is an Italian guy from Long Island and since I too am an Italian guy from Long Island, I have to stick with my roots. P.S. Hughes hasn't fought in a year and hasn't won a fight in more than two years. Same goes for Serra.

The prediction: Serra by submission in third round.
Drew McFedries vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam

Foupa-Pokam (20-10) caught a beating from middleweight Denis Kang a month ago at UFC 97, and I'm guessing he's not fully ready to fight again. At least not at a high-enough level to win.

The prediction: McFedries (7-5) by TKO in the second round.

Dan Miller vs. Chael Sonnen

Welterweight Sonnen (23-10-1) has four losses in the UFC, all by submission. Miller (11-1) is 3-0 in the UFC, with two wins by submission. Jiu-jitsu and wrestling are two of Miller's strengths and Sonnen seems susceptible to getting submitted.

The prediction: Miller by submission in 1st round.

Sean Sherk vs. Frankie Edgar

Edgar (9-1) has gone the distance in his last three fights, and I'll say the streak continues against lightweight Sherk (37-3-1).

The prediction: Edgar by unanimous decision.

Brock Larson vs. Chris Wilson

Larson (26-2), a former WEC force at welterweight, wants to attack Wilson (13-6). I'll say he does just that, along with whatever else he wants to do in the Octagon.

The prediction: Larson by knockout in the first round.

Pat Barry vs. Tim Hague

Hague (9-1) makes his UFC debut. That's an instant bet-against, especially when it's a fight that "May not be broadcast." Barry is a big hitter who won with ease at UFC 92.

The prediction: Barry by TKO in second round.

Phillipe Nover vs. Kyle Bradley

Nover(6-1-1) seems to be more focused and determined now that he's not headlining the event, as he did in December with the "TUF" 8 finale. Can Nover channel some of the Filipino energy Manny Pacquiao injected Las Vegas with a few weeks ago? Bradley (13-6) appears to be the bigger lightweight here, but that might not be enough.

The prediction: Nover wins by decision.

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Andre Gusmao

I picked against "The Polish Experiment" in UFC 97 because I didn't want to have to remember how to spell "Soszynski" on deadline. Well, he submitted Brian Stann in the first round, and the short turnaround between fights here shouldn't matter since Soszynski didn't expend too much energy or take too much punishment. Could Gusmao (5-1) suffer the same fate?

The prediction: Yep. Soszynski wins via submission in the 2nd round.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs. Brandon Wolff

Last time we saw Yoshida (10-3), he was busying getting his face flattened by Josh Koscheck at UFC Fight for the Troops. Of course, Wolff (7-3) also got TKO'd that night, so this is basically the loser's bracket match.

The prediction: Wolff via decision.

Dave Kaplan vs. George Roop

Kaplan (3-2) lost to Junie Browning in The Ultimate Fighter finale. I don't even care what skills Roop (8-5) has or doesn't have, I'm picking him to win this fight. I won't even read his bio until after he wins.

The prediction: Roop wins by submission in first round.

Dodge Demon doing 1-2-3 Gear B/O

Here's a video of Dodge Demon, doing 1-2-3 Gear B/O. What a waste.

Selling A House: Home Staging Tips: Kids Bedrooms

Here's a video of some home staging tips for kids.

Pearl Aday teams up with Meat Loaf, her father, as contestants in the second season of Don't Forget the Lyrics which is hosted by Wayne Brady. The father-daughter tandem are in the contest to help raise money for the Painted Turtle Camp in California, a camp for seriously ill children.

Here are some New Moon images taken from the movie and from the set.


Each day through my window I watch her as she passes by.
I say to myself, "You're such a lucky guy."
To have a girl like her
is truly a dream come true.
Out of all of the fellas in the world
she belongs to me

But it was just my imagination
running away with me
It was just my imagination
running away with me


Every night, on my knees I pray,
Dear Lord, hear my plead...
don't ever let another take her love from me
or I will surely die..
Ooh, her love is heavenly;
when her arms enfold me,
I hear a tender rhapsody...
but in reality, she doesn't even know me

Just my imagination -- once again --
running away with me.
Tell you it was just my imagination
running away with me.
I never met her, but I can't forget her.
Just my imagination..
-- ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah --
running away with me

Now, here's the official UFC 98 Weigh In results:

205 lbs.: UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans (205) vs. Lyoto Machida (204)
170 lbs.: Matt Hughes (170) vs. Matt Serra (171)
185 lbs.: Chael Sonnen (186) vs. Dan Miller (185)
155 lbs.: Sean Sherk (156) vs. Frank Edgar (155)
185 lbs.: Xavier Foupas-Pokam (186) vs. Drew McFedries (185)
170 lbs.: Brock Larson (171) vs. Mike Pyle ()*
265 lbs.: Tim Hague (263) vs. Patrick Barry (237)
155 lbs.: Phillipe Nover (156) vs. Kyle Bradley (156)
185 lbs.: Andre Gusmao (206) vs. Krzysztof Soszynski (206)
170 lbs.: Yoshiyuki Yoshida (171) vs. Brandon Wolff (170)
155 lbs.: Dave Kaplan (156) vs. George Roop (154)

"I will only send you into harm's way when it is absolutely necessary, and with the strategy, the well-defined goals, the equipment and the support that you need to get the job done," this is what US President Barack Obama told members of the graduating class at the US Naval Academy Friday. Among the members of the graduating class in John McCain's son, Jack McCain. Obama and McCain shared some moments on the stage (see video)

Carol Cole, the sister of Natalie Cole and daughter of Nat King Cole has died of cancer Monday. She was 64. 

Carol Cole was also known as Cookie. She appeared on "The Nat King Cole Show" on television in the 1950s. She also appeared in movies in the 1960s and 70s.

Aldara cream is now a hot topic on the web because people think that it can protect them from sexually transmitted diseases. This is a misconception which is probably caused by the fact that aldara can treat actinic keratosis, superficial basal cell carcinoma, and external genital warts. If it can treat genital warts, it doesn't mean that it can prevent STDs.

I am not really inot zombie movies, for me they are all the same and it's really bores me to see dead people chasing those who are living and killing them. But there's now an exception to the rule, one very very low budget zombie film: Colin. This film is the first zombie movie told in the point of view of the zombie. That's something new. Another thing that makes this movie amazing is the fact that it only took $70 to make it. Marc Price, the director just looked for volunteers to act as zombies. He used the power of social networks like Facebook to get actors for free. The $70 was used to buy a crowbar that was used as aprop in the film. The rest of the $70 was used to buy snacks for the volunteers. 

Laundry Escape 2 aka Escape from the Laundromat is another new point and click type room escape game by ShatteredGames. Something bad has happened in this laundromat. It's not your fault, but you'd better get out before you get caught up in this mess. Interact with objects in the room and solve puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun!

A couple of weeks ago, we saw the first face transplant in the USA, done to a woman. Now we have the second face transplant case in the US, this time it's on a amn who lost much of his face in a subway accident. The man's name is James Maki.

I know it, you've just watched Willie’s Chocolate Revolution on TV and it suddenly occurred to you that you want to make your own chocolate soufflé, so here I am, sharing with you a simple Chocolate Souffle recipe I've got from RealEpicurean:

Easy Chocolate Soufflé Recipe - Ingredients

Serves 4

100g good quality dark chocolate (I used Lindt Excellence 50% Cocoa solids)
50g Golden Caster Sugar
4 Egg Whites
2 Egg Yolks
Single Cream, optional
Easy Chocolate Soufflé Recipe - Method
Pre-heat your oven to 150 degrees c, and rub the inside of 4 ramekins with butter. Set to one side.
Place your chocolate in a heat proof bowl over a pot of heating water. This will allow your chocolate to melt without burning; stir it to help the process along.
Whisk the egg whites in a bowl. If you’re using an electric whisk (as I did) then start off slowly, speeding up once the eggs start to thicken - at this stage you should also start to slowly pour in the sugar while whisking. Stop once the eggs form a glossy, thick mix which forms fairly stiff peaks (they do not wilt when you stop whisking).
By this time your chocolate should be melted; take it off the heat and mix in your egg yolks, then stir in one spoon of your egg white mix.
Take your chocolate mix and add it to your egg whites. Fold until combined but do not stir fast or over-stir - this will beat the air out of the mix.
Spoon into your ramekins and smooth the edges with your thumb (this helps them rise evenly).
Put the ramekins straight onto your shelf for 25 minutes. Don’t open while they’re cooking or they’ll collapse.

Some people think that they can dance, see how they fare here :P

The Daytona International Speedway has turned into a river as heavy rains pour like crazy on Daytona beach. Here's a news article about it from OrlandoSentinel.com:

Heavy rains in Daytona Beach have doused Daytona International Speedway. The track's infield tunnels are filled with water and several feet of water have flooded the track. It's like a two and a half mile river in the shape of a tri-oval, halfway up the SAFER barrier.

DIS spokesman Andrew Booth said there's no serious damage to the track. All its buildings are safe.

"No damage to our grandstands or any buildings or anything like that," Booth said.

Booth said the track would be fine for July's Coke Zero 400 and that the damage and flooding to residential areas around Volusia and Flagler counties are much more significant than what's happened at the Speedway. For that reason, Booth said the speedway would not release photos.

This is interesting. This is a film by Alex Jones. Hmmmmnnn...

Stand up comedy is not easy, but look at Tammy Pescatelli, she does it so good!

Jeremy Clarkson has a review about Honda Insight that has become somewhat controvertial, for one, he calls Honda's hybrid car "Biblically terrible". Actually, the whole paragraph about how terrible this car is goes like this:

It’s terrible. Biblically terrible. Possibly the worst new car money can buy. It’s the first car I’ve ever considered crashing into a tree, on purpose, so I didn’t have to drive it any more.

If you read Clarkson's complete review of Honda Insight at Times Online, you'll wonder why he so hate the car.

I have just read a heart-breaking article about a mother who killed her own three year old son. What caused a mother to do it? The name of the woman charged with murdering her son is Tiffany Toribio. Here's the news article about her from amw.com:

Cops Say Mother Strangled Son, Then Fled

Nearly a week after unearthing a little boy buried beneath an Albuquerque, N.M. playground, police made an arrest in the case.

On May 21, 2009, Albuquerque Police arrested Tiffany Toribio and charged her with an open count of murder in the death of her son, as well as child abuse resulting in death.

Police say that just a few days prior, Toribio strangled her 3-year-old son Ty in the middle of the night, then buried him beneath a swing set.

The investigation started on May 15, 2009, when another child playing on the swing set, discovered Ty's tiny shoe, which eventually led to his body.

At the time, police had no idea who the boy was because no one had reported him missing. Detectives and residents living near the park made a plea to the public for clues as to who the boy whom they named "Baby Justice" could be.

Detectives say shortly after the discovery, they began to receive tips from people who told them that Toribio and her little boy had recently been kicked out of their house and had been staying with friends.

However, tipsters also told police that in more recent days, Toribio had been seen without her son Ty by her side.

The investigation finally led cops to a bus stop where they located Toribio.

Initially, she tried to conceal her identity and even tried to lie about Ty's whereabouts, but police say she finally broke down and told them a heart-breaking story.

According to police, she told them that after getting kicked out of her home, she began to stay with her friends. But eventually, they refused to give her shelter and so she decided to take refuge at a park.

Then, on May 15 at approximately 1 a.m., cops say she told them she decided to kill her son with her bare hands.

She said that she put her hands over his nose and mouth to stop him from breathing. According to investigators, halfway through the act, she had a change of heart and instead began to perform CPR.

Although her resuscitation efforts were successful, she then changed her mind a for second time and allegedly went through with the strangulation.

Beyonce has a new video for her song Ego. As usual she comes out hot here, check out the video above :)

Here's the behind the scenes of Criminal Minds Season Finale 2009.

"I'm sorry, I don't even know what to feel right now. This is crazy," was all that Kris Allen could say after winning American Idol season 8!

To kiss and tell It's just not my style.
But the night is young,
And it's been a while.
And she broke my heart, broke it right in two.
And it's fixing time,
But I'm feeling like I'm finally ready to
Find, find somebody new

I wanna kiss a girl
I wanna hold her tight
And maybe make a little magic in the moonlight
Don't wanna go too far
Just to take it slow
But I shouldn't be lonely in this bigger world
I wanna kiss a girl

It's that moment when you start closing in.
First you're holding back yhen surrendering.
It can start a fire, light up the sky.
Such a simple thing, do you wanna try?

Are you ready to
Say goodbye
To all these blues?

I wanna kiss a girl,
I wanna hold her tight,
And maybe make a little magic in the moonlight
Don't wanna go too far
Just to take it slow
But I shouldn't be lonely in this bigger world
I wanna kiss a girl.

'Cause, baby, tonight
It could turn into the rest of our lives
Oh yeah
Are you ready?
(Are you ready?)
Are you ready
(Are you ready)
To cross that yellow line
Put your lips on mine

Put your lips on mine, baby

Do you wanna try?
Are you ready to say goodbye
To all these blues

I wanna kiss a girl
I wanna hold her tight
And maybe make a little magic, baby
Don't wanna go too far
Just to take it slow
I don't want to be lonely
I shouldn't be lonely.
I wanna kiss a girl,
I wanna hold her tight,
And maybe make a little magic in the moonlight
Don't wanna go too far
Just to take it slow,
But I shouldn't be lonely in this bigger world.
I wanna kiss a girl.

(na na na na na na)

I said I wanna kiss a girl.
Whoa-ho whoa-ho
I wanna kiss a girl.
I wanna hold her tight,
I wanna make a little magic
Out under the moonlight.

I wanna kiss you now

Here's what you are looking for:

David Cook : Permanent Lyrics

Is this the moment where I look you in the eye?
Forgive my broken promise that you’ll never see me cry
And everything, it will surely change even if I tell you I won’t go away today
Will you think that you’re all alone
When no one’s there to hold your hand?
And all you know seems so far away and everything is temporary rest your head
I’m permanent

I know he’s living in hell every single day
And so I ask oh god is there some way for me to take his place
And when they say just touch and go I wish I could make it go away
But still you say
Will you think that you’re all alone when no one’s there to hold your hand?
When all you know seems so far away and everything is temporary, rest your head
I’m permanent
I’m permanent

Is the moment where I look you in the eye?
Forgive my promise that you’ll never see me cry

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