Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Live Stream Online. The world will stand still on May 7th to watch the boxing match of the year, the Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley match. In this match Pacquiao will be defending his WBO Welterweight belt from Shane Mosley, a former three division champion. Many boxing experts believe that this match is not really a good match, Pacquiao has the edge--youth. We all know that Shane Mosley is too old to be strong enough for Pacman. Pacquiao on the other hand is in top shape and in his prime. He has speed and youth, he is an intelligent fighter and he has everything it takes to make Mosley lose. But some experts believe that Mosley may be able to pull it off, he has 100 or so professional fights in his career and he can get a lot out of that experience, he can use his experience to edge the much younger Pacquiao.

Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Live Stream Online

Manny Pacquiao is the favorite of the majority of boxing followers around the world. Freddie Roach, his coach, believes that Pacman can knockout Mosley. Roach wants Pacquiao to achieve something in this fight, he wants The Pacman to do what Mosley's previous opponents in the ring failed to do--knock him out. Floyd Mayweather, the pound-for-pound queen, was able to beat Mosley in the past but he failed to knock Mosley out.

The question is this: will Shane Mosley be able to put it up against Pacquiao? I guess he will have shining moments on May 7th but at his age, he does not have a very good chance at it.

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