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See that little number three up there? That's my new PR :) This blog is now PR3. Google has just updated PR and this blog was given another notch up. I am very happy for this, thanks Google :)
My other blog has been given PR1, that's an improvement fromPR0.
My third blog, Cheese Cake is now PR2, Yehey!!!

I am also happy that my husband's main blog,, is now PR3. His other blog MyFreedomWall has remained in PR3. His got a PR1.

I am checking out my friends' blogs and update this post tomorrow with a list of those who got it bigger from Google c:

I Thank the Lord for our blessings this year and for the more to come c: c: c:

My husband told me about Ceiva's digital frame, he found it while surfing the internet. He told me to check it out because it's cool. so I checked it out and found out that my husband was right in saying that Ceiva's digital frame is cool. I immediately uploaded my favorite family picture. I wanted to see the effect of the digital frame on it, I wanted to see if it would enhance the beauty of the image. I love that image because it looks so perfect, it captured the strong bond of love that holds my family together. When I saw the magic that Ceiva's digital frame made on the image I suddenly got a strong wish to have a Ceiva Digital frame. I'll tell my hubby to give me one as a Christmas gift :)

Ceiva is also having a contest. This contest will help you if you got a wish that you would like to come true this Christmas season. To join the contest all one has to do is to visit Ceiva's Sit on santa's Lap site. Upload a picture that you love and along with it add your wish for Santa to grant. In this contest there will be 29 people to be given $500 each. One winner will be selected every day for 29 days. So if you have a great picture and a wish, why not join Ceiva's Sitting on Sant'a's Lap contest?  Wishes come true, believe me.


My featured blog this week is my friend, mentor, maid of honor and now my little Josh's ninang (god mother) Joana her blog Purple Pathways has this amazing entry about "the Pacman's" Birthday Celebration which she by the way hosted c: and I want to share the excitement around c: Hope you all enjoy looking at the pics c:

Pacquiao with the President

the Host with her hubby Paul

sir Avel Manansala with the GenSan beauties

with Arnel Pineda
(new "Foreigner" band vocalist)

Manny with the Mexican boxers c:

friends with Kapuso stars Rochelle of Sexbomb and Jennelyn Mercado
and of course gorgeous "Asero" star Richard Gutierez

with proud mom Annabel
(pinagkaguluhan, was overwhelmed with fans)

so they had to post bodyguards hehehe :p

more pics and the story on Joana's blog

Thank you Lord for the 2 years of friendship plus
4 years of marriage and love c:

and for the more years to come c:

1 Corinthians 13 : 7 & 8a

Bears all things,
Believes all things,
Hopes all things,
Endures all things.
Love ...
Never Fails;

Happy Anniversary Honey c:

Josh 1st swim

Look at what this little boy can do with his guitar. He is amazing!
Wish my little Josh would be this good c:

My husband, who often finds time to surf the net to check things out during office breaks, told me about CEIVA digital photo frame. He told me that i should try it because it's amazing. But he did not tell me what exactly made it amazing. I got curious about it so I visited the website. It did not take long before I had fun uploading my favorite image up the site and see it's beauty enhanced by the very unique digital photo frame. The image I uploaded is a family picture, me, my hubby, and our one and only cute little three year old taken during a blogger's summit we've attended lately. I chose that image because it perfectly captures the deep bond of love that makes my small family a very strong one. It was taken by my husband's cousin who was with us during that time. How I wish I would have CEIVA as a gift, I will ask my hubby for it :)

CEIVA is having a Got a Wish Sweeepstakes for the holiday season. Yes, if you want to experience how it feels to be sitting pretty on Santa's lap this Christmas and have some of your wishes come true, join the contest. There will be 29 winners in this contest. One winner would be selected for each day and will receiev $500. Wow, that would really make your Christmas, join now :)


I love this uniquely made ring c: c: c: which was given away last month by Catherinette (also a unique name by the way) of Steam Powered Rings. This is my featured blog this week. because her works amazes me until now c:

I did not win though... to my disappointment because I had not done my part of the bargain well :c Anyway, I still want to join and still am a fan of her works c: here are cool samples of her works in her Etsy Store.

I love the Purple Flower too c:
I also posted here below the Avatar of her blog c:

So I encourage you all to visit her blog and check out and buy at her Etsy Store right now c:

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