I don't need to find a date online because I have my hubby but there are thousand out there who need dating sites to meet their partners. Don't you know that you can earn through dating sites? Yes, while I was surfing the net yesterday I came upon Dating Affiliate Program, a program that is free to join and offers website owners an additional way to profit from their websites. How does it work? How could a simple WHM earn extra cash with her website with Dating Affiliate Program?Simple, affiliates generate traffic and sales for commercial websites and in return receive a commission payment. Think of it as a simple banner or link you put on your site that those who want to have a date would like to click. So you can consider this as a passive income for your site. If you become a dating site affiliate you'll earn cash with every visitor you bring to the dating sites. Just check out the site for more deatils about this one.

I have not posted much lately in this blog. Specially featured some blogs lately. So at last I'm posting right now c:

I have always been a fan of photography and I love appreciating them. I featured about 2 guys who have captured my interest on their photos. My featured blog this week is a lady and a mom named Fhaye of PhotoDito. She has other blogs named MARKFE . Anyway, I was fascinated by her photo shots in close-up. Here is a sample of her photo and blog. I like it specially now because of this lovely close-up pic of the cute hand of her daughter c:

Here is the bigger version c:

isn't it heart warming and sweet c:

Visit her photo blog to view more of her lovely photos c: ...

Summer is here and it is getting hotter each day. Electric fans come in handy, especially ceiling fans. I came across Farreys.com, a website where you can buy any of the thousands of uniques ceiling fans from more than a dozen popular ceiling fan manufacturers like Casablanca, Craftmade, Ellington, Fanimation, Hunter Fan Company, Luceplan, Matthews Fans, Minka Aire, Modern Fan Company, Monte Carlo, NuTone, Quorum and Westinghouse.. It is amazing how ceiling fans could blend into the interior design of homes. The ceiling fans at Farreys.com are not only functional, they are also work of art that can enhance the beauty any home. I really like their casablanca ceiling fans which has a very good style of its own. These ceiling fans can blend easily with any kind of interior design. I think that this ceiling fan is timeless, it can fit to modern interior design but it can also be great with more traditional interiors. 

Farreys.com also sells craftmade ceiling fans which are considered as one of the most reliable, durable and energy efficient ceiling fans available today. If you are thinking about adding a ceiling fans into your home, think about Farreys.com, you'll surely find the ceiling fan that best fits you kind of home.

My hubby is really into indie films. I don't know where he gets them but he downloads at least two indie movies each week. The movies he downloads are very good ones, they really stay in my mind and get me into viewing life from many different angles. The latest that we've seen is the indie film The King (2005), it is one of the strongest movies I've seen in years. Now, my hubby is downloading Joe Swanberg and Greta Gerwig's Nights and Weekends. We love mumblecore and he said that this movie is one of the best representatives of the mumblecore genre. I will write a review of this flick after we watch it by and by. Just a few megabytes left to be downloaded and the movie is ready to be watched. I am excited.

There are times when I feel that I am not pretty and sexy anymore. I know that I have gained a few pounds here and there after giving birth but the way my hubby acts around me is a reassurance that I am still as pretty as when he first met me (at least in his eyes!). He touches me always and tells me that I am the sexiest woman in the world. But I know that he is just blinded, I know that I need some trimming here and there. If I have the choice and if I have the money for it, I think I'd go for some cosmetic surgery to remove all those fats that have envaded my once sexy abs. But I know that cosmetic surgery should be done right and done by experts in this field. I heard that there's one very trusted name when it comes to cosmetic surgery in the UK, it is MYA. Out of curiousity I checked out their site and found out that they also have a forum that is a very good Cosmetic Surgery Help. There are experts in the forum who can answer many questions that usually play in the minds of those who are considering plastic surgery or any type of cosmetic surgery. By just reading the discussion of people in the forum, I learned a lot about cosmetic surgery. I believe that this forum is a very good place for those who would like to have cosmetic surgery.

image credit : allergytreatmentinfo.org

I am suffering from some kind of allergy, it started last night, my nose just suddenly felt as if I got a very bad case colds. My throat got suddenly so itchy. It just came, without a warning. I was feeling good but suddenly two hours after dinner I felt it. I think it is not the food we had for dinner because we ate the same food and my hubby and son didn't show any signs of the allergy. And besides, the food was good. Now I feel bad, I feel like staying in bed. I have taken some antihistamine to relieve the runny nose. I feel uncomfortable.

Recognition makes people more productive. When employees' efforts are recognized by the company through awards, the company can expect more productivity from the employees. Companies know this that is why they see to it that those who work hard and deliver well are given what is due to them. If you are a corporate manager or a boss in a company looking to buy corporate awards, there's a good place for you to go in the internet-- Trophiesales.com. They have very affordable prices and they give good service. If you check out this site, you'll see that they have the makings of a very good online professional supplier of corporate awards.

Corporate awards are best given during imporatnt functions or events for the company. It could be given during conventions or other gatherings sponsored by the company. If your company is based for example in Ontario, Canada, you can have it in Rogers Centre, formerly known as SkyDome, a multi-purpose stadium in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The location of Rogers center is near the CN Tower near the shores of Lake Ontario. hile Rogers Centre is primarily a sports venue, it also hosts other large-scale events such as conventions, trade fairs, and concerts so you can hold some corporate functions there too where corporate awards could be given. Rogers Centre Tickets can be easily bought online from acheapseat.com. aCheapset.com also sells Toyota Center Tickets and American Airlines Arena Tickets.

My hubby listens to a wide range of music. He's like my brother who is not only into one genre of music, he listens to almost anything worth listening to. My hubby introduced me to Vanessa Mae, the very talented violinist from the UK. The piece featured in the video above is one of my hubby's favorites, Storm. 

Are you single and looking for your perfect match? I came upon this site a while ago that allows matching of singles who are seeking their match. What makes this site somewhat different from other dating sites is that it aims to match you up with someone who is within your area. The name of the site is Localmatch.com. This is a very fitting name for the site because it helps one look for one's local match. I think local dating is more plausible than what other dating sites try to do--match people who are oceans apart. LocalMatch.com is free, anyone can join, no need to shell out some cash to meet a date. Because of curiousity I signed up for an account and sneaked inside the site. I find the site easy to navigate, even the newbie in the internet would not be lost in it. The local personals are also interesting. They have this nice section where you can browse the pictures of the members of the site and see who would appeal to you. I am married so I was not attracted to any guy in there but i know that single would find some of them attractive. 

My hubby is trying his hand at creating WordPress templates. He's spent hours studying other people's templates and codes. Now he has learned how to create his own WordPress templates. The very first WordPress template he has created is named Ninja Box because it is monochromatic in ts color scheme and the theme is black. It is good for a technology site or something like that. He has given the very first template he has created to one of his students who loves mobile phone tricks. Check out the template in action here

Your choice of web host is as important as the ideas you'd be putting on the web. Whether you are a blogger or an online entrepreneur, you ned to know which host to have. The very first step and the most important one to take in having an online presence is choosing a web hosting company that you can trust. The internet is full of many webhosting companies that offers many different kinds of web hosting pacjages. The newbie to web hosting will surely be confused as to which is the best for him. But there is a website that makes it easier for us to make our web hosting choice by giving us a comparison of the top web hosting companies. Webhostingchoice.com has an in-depth comparison chart that makes it easy to see anf compare the price and features of the web hosting packages offered by different webhosting companies. They also have reviews of the best web hosting sites. they also have tips on how to avoid being scammed in web hosting. Webhostingchoice.com is really a big help for those who would like to be very sure about their web hosting choice.

The master rapper of the Philippines has died today. He has been fighting leukemia in the last 8 months. He was diagnosed with leukemia last year. Francis Magalona is an icon in the Philippine music industry, he is one of the best in the music industry. He was not only a rapper, he was also a good singer. I am really saddened by his demise. I visited his blog a while ago and saw how bravely he fought his illness. His last post was full of hope. It made me even more sad after reading it. Francis M is gone but he will remain in the hearts of Filipinos.

In this time of economic downturn,  you find ways to save money, cut on your spending, and save a lot from products for your home. Well, why not check out Direct Buy Florida and request your Free Pass to any DirectBuy Florida locations. There is absolutely no obligation for you to buy and absolutely no strings attached. Try it now and start saving :)

Well, I know that the name of this dish may sound so strange for non-Filipinos, but this is one of my favotite dishes. Here's a recipe I got from Pinoy Food Recipe

Ingredients :

* 1 Kilo of Pork Face & Ears (cut into cubes)

* 8 Pieces of Tokwa (Beancurd) 2"x2"

* 1 Small cloves of garlic (minced)

* 3 Big onions (diced)

* 1 Cup vinegar

* 1 Cup soy sauce

* 1 Teaspoon salt

* 1 Teaspoon brown sugar

Cooking procedure:

1. In a casserole, boil pork with salt, lower fire and let it simmer until pork is tender.

2. Take the pork out and set aside.

3. Fry tokwa in hot oil until toasted and slice to the same size as the pork.

4. In a sauce pot, mix soy sauce, vinegar, salt, garlic and onions and heat for just few minutes.

5. Pour in mixture over pork and tokwa.

Happy eating :)

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