Iliza Shlesinger
Iliza Shlesinger appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” last Wednesday. Shlesinger is the comedian who won NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”; she is known for her sharp tongue. On the Howard Stern Show she talked about her life on the road (she has toured with other Last Comic Standing winners), her life as a winner, and of course some topics that are not appropriate for children. She also revealed that the four comedians she travels with on the road are all men and they don't talk to her that much, she said that she senses that they do not like her win. She also told Stern that she doesn't have a boyfriend right now and that men seemed to not like to her when she's not on stage. Stern then asked her if she like girls and she said that she doesn't even like to hug her girl friends. She has also revealed that she has worked as a stripper in the past, when she needed money for college.


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