Watch Top Gear Season 15 Episode 5
Watch Top Gear Season 15 Episode 5. Today, one of the leading ‘Vehicles Show’ genre TV shows will be on air – for episode 5 of the new season. As usual, you will need to tune in at 16:00 ET on BBC 2 to watch Top Gear live on TV. What can you expect this week from Top Gear? Here’s what’s set to go down in ’15×5′:

When the British hot TV show Top Gear first aired the producers used to sit around and joke about getting Tom Cruise to race their reasonably priced car around their track.

In this week's Top Gear season 15 episode 5 that joke became real as both Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise raced a Kia around the track with the help of some early instructions by the Top Gear race car driver Stig of course.

How did the movie star's do and which one went faster around the track?

Just watch this clip from youtube as the Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise take on the best of the British movie stars and other celebs who's had a go around the track.

Richard takes a look at the Volkswagen to see if it has improved its second generation Touareg 4×4. He takes it to Sweden for a race against some snowmobilers. James travels to Germany where he attempts to break his personal speed record in a brand-new version of the Bugatti Veyron. Jeremy Clarkson looks at the reasons why Ayton Sena is considered the best driver of his generation in the year he would of turned 50 if he was still alive today.

A new episode of Top Gear awaits us today on BBC 2. If you’re looking to watch Top Gear season 15 episode 5 online preview or hoping to get a sneak peak of the new episode named ’15×5′ – then read on for an inside look at today’s upcoming episode in our TV show preview segment.


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