There's a sign that the things are when it comes to cars would be changing in th next few years. Cars that burn fuel like gasoline and diesel would slowly become obsolete; the time of electric cars is coming. In the United Kingdom, consumers could receive incentives of between £2,000 and £5,000 to buy an electric car from 2011, their Government announced today. Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon said the initiative - part of the Government's low-carbon transport plan - would mean an electric car was "a real option for motorists".

He announced the five-year initiative with Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, who said that low-carbon vehicles would play a key role in cutting emissions.

In the plan, announced in Scotland today, consumer incentives would be introduced to coincide with the expected mass introduction of electric and plug-in hybrid (part electric, part petrol) cars to the market.

I see change in the air.


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