Did you watch House tonight? Tonight’s episode had a huge shocking twist that isn’t finished yet for anyone that watched it. It has to do with House’s Lawrence Kutner. The audience was asked to track down the rest of the story at fox.com/kutner after the episode. The problem is, you have to wait until Hawaii has had a chance to watch it before the website has more information.

Fans are also asking if the real actor Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar fame is also dead. Everyone's intrigued about the cryptic House episode tonight. Blogs for House MD thinks that "this shocking nature of Kutner's demise" is the show's "attempt at viral marketing", which is obviously working as viewers are flocking in websites that contain the House Kutner mysterious death information.

According Kal Penn's Twitter account (provided this is not fake), he's still alive and kicking since April 5. He was watching LA Lakers game when sent a mobile update!

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