If you are down, if you want inspiration, you can look at Seve Ballesteros. Ballesteros, 51, was diagnosed with a brain tumor six months ago, has since gone through four different surgeries and is on his fourth stint of chemotherapy. Seve was always known for his ability to get up-and-down from just about anywhere on the golf course, but is now having to scramble with real life. But the thing is, Seve's just happy to have a chance. He said:

"I'm not called Seve Ballesteros, I'm called Seve Mulligan because I've had the luck to be given a mulligan, which in golf is a second chance,'' he said. "I've been given the mulligan of my life. The proof is that I'm alive, that I can do things, that I speak, I'm perfectly able to reason.
"I've had a lot of luck, which is the truth.''


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