These awards are another line of blessings to be thankful for c:

Thank You to all my friends who have shared these awards to me c:

This award was from my sweet friend Tiffney.
A sweet mom with 4 adorable kids c: One of my favorite Mom Friends.
And Sej my newest online buddy c:
Thanx dears c:

This lovely cherries were from my dearest Superwoman friend Berry.
Another one of my favorite On-Line friend c:
A Superwoman because she is a wife, mom, and working plus a lot of blogs to update c:
Thanx dear mare c:

And these awards are from Kumpareng Joops .

A Sailor, a husband to my friend Rose and the dad of Rylie and EJ, such lovely kids c:
I Love this award so much it's so cute c:


Thanx so much guys c:

*Am still in the process of deciding who to share this award to c:


  1. sheng said...

    Congrats! You deserve it.  

  2. Azlina Abu Bakar said...

    Thanks for the tip. I know I try to be more organized but it just slips through the cracks..hehe. Love the photo of the baby. I just need to relax.  

  3. iceah said...

    thanx c:

    ur welcome c:
    thanx that's my son Josh c:  

  4. Berryblitz said...

    nakita ko na ito hehehe nde lang nakacomment kc nagwala si ivan... so i leave all the opened tabs ng blogs and ayun

    hehehhe now i'm able to say "thanks"

    si ivan? nandun sa lola hahaha  

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