1. sheng said...

    I love that picture of you and Josh... Ice, you were supposed to email caryn to join the creative swap, did you? I saw your comment kasi in one of her posts and then she acknowledged naman yung intention mo to join, but you have to send her an email of your intention and answer a meme, for you to be given a swap partner. Sali ka next Feb ha, November round is over, i like the bag you made. sdumalay@yahoo.com, that's my YM.  

  2. iceah said...

    thanx for the quick response mare c: maybe nakalimutan ko yung meme kasi had to make drops every morning and sa dami nakalimutan kna c:

    thanx sa YM wait mo nlng invitation ko ha c:  

  3. Umma said...

    Hello Ice, I love this picture of you and Josh... Very sweet loving picture of a Mom and son.. hahaha

    Keep Posting my dear..  

  4. iceah said...

    yeah, I love it too it is one of my favs like my avatar in Chickenheart c: I love posting pics of my son c:  

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