I saw this story from my loving hubby's blog "My Freedom Wall" about Nike making Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao their endorser c: It was cool on the way they had captured the heart of the people specially the Filipinos who are religious people like Manny himself. Nike even made a site exclusively for the "Pacman" entitled "Give Us This Day". Click this title to visit the site c:

The main reason why I posted this add here is because my long time grade school friend requested me to post something about our modern time Filipino heroe here c: He is an avid fan c:
"This is for you 'pareng Rod' c:"

Front of the house

And in relation to this post I shall post tour you to Manny Paquiao's Mansion in General Santos. I grabbed this 2 pics from Pierre The Jester in Exile. We had a priviledge of visiting his house last October 26 at the MBS2 (Mindanao Bloggers ummit 2)

right side of the mansion going to the pool area c:

left side of the house
(like a stained glass inside a cathedral)

by their garden (me and my son Josh, dad taking the pic)

dad at the back of the mansion where Paquiao's memorabilias are

they gave us bloggers the 2009 calendar of the Paquiao family yehey!!! c:

pool area (shaped like a boxing glove)back of the house
behind those trees are his cars and big bike collections place

Josh trying out one of the "Pacman's" big bike collections
(back of the pool area)

Josh doing the Pacman pose c: (serious daw c:)


  1. RJ said...

    Wow! Nakapasok kayo?! Sana kahit ako lang mag-isa at walang Blogger's Summit payag si Manny Pacquiao na pumasok ako sa mansion nya 'pag mag-holiday ako.  

  2. iceah said...

    yup, nakapasok kami c; we were considered part of the media kung baga on line media tayo e c: we should be blogging and bragging about Mindanao pareng RJ c: I will be requesting your YM if you have one c:  

  3. Gem said...

    Very nice iceah. Ang ganda ng mansion niya. We could all just stare at his riches. Hahaha.

    And to think bata pa siya.

    I hope he does not end up like all the other famous boxers before him. They are now penniless and broke. I hear Pacquiao is now having strings of businesses and investments and wants to venture into politics. Sana maalagaan niya yan.

    Good to know nakapasok kayo. Mukhang restricted ang mansion niya.  

  4. iceah said...

    we were considered on-line media mare kya kami nkapasok. thanx din to the influence of sir Avel. he is also a blogger sya yung nagorganize ng bloggers summit c:

    yes, manny is a good investor actually. the good thing about him is he is not a bad spender wise ika nga c: he invests sa business another is he is generous, di madamot kya siguro sya binebless ni Lord.

    pero he is not blessed in politics c: people are wise na he did not win here kahit sikat na sya nanalo parin si Darlene Antonino dito kasi magaling and good record sya. si manny he is good sa craft nya which is boxing kya dun na lang sya hehehe c:alam ng mga tao yan c:  

  5. kyawster said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  6. Francesca said...

    Wow, ang ganda ng mansion ni Pacman. Pwede kayang arbor nalang yun? Hehe. =]  

  7. kyawster said...

    hmmmmm... one of these days makakapasok din ako dyan sa mansion ni pacman... nadadaanan ko yan palagi kasi nasa iisang barangay lang kami....  

  8. iceah said...

    hehehe c: sa pics siguro pwede c:

    my dear I have a problem going to your blog mukhang mali ang link wla akong mabasa :cbut I do love your new look more c:

    baka pwede ifeature nyo kya tapos ipabid nyo din yung pics mo c:parang media na din yon diba c:  

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