It's been awhile since I had featured another blog. Now I had made my choice for some time and I found this unusual blog of a virtual restaurant named Manong Ken's Carinderinderia I don't know the name of the owner but I have been dropping EC's and he is known to me as a good photographer too because I often visit and comment at his works in uncommon photographers where his photos of photograpehrs are posted. He also has four different blogs among them is Tribung Pinoy. I love his shots on his camera, now I found out that he cooks too when I saw it in his Carinderia Blog. Here is the sample of his blog. To know more of his recipes and pics, visit his blog by clicking at the names above.  


  1. Ken said...

    Iceah, salamat guid!  

  2. iceah said...

    you are welcome c: am a fan of yours c:  

  3. liza said...

    it's nice that you're doing this. i frequent his blog and i enjoy the foods manong ken features.  

  4. iceah said...

    I enjoy them too c: I usually feature blogs that fascinate me that is why I featured him here c: I want to try his recipes too c:
    Thanx for dropping by too liza c:  

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