I miss doing this Siesta Saturdays at Maricris's  Zen Ventures.  Our mission for the day is to find the perfect dress for her to choose from. I decided to post it all here and write the links as well. Hope you would like and enjoy my choices and suggestions for you c: Here goes....

My 1st choice is this elegant dress with a waist wrap belt.
this will make an illusion that you have a slim waist...
(a fav, I so like it because it is perfect for me hehehe :p)

The 2nd choice is simple front yet lovely back design.
Link here

3rd choice is simple yet elegant with the shape of the body is seen plus the shoulders are on emphasis.

4th choice is a halter type like the 1st the back is somewhat emphasized.

Link here

5th choice is somewhat separate like blouse and skirt not of the same material still looks elegant c: also a fav c: Link here

6th choice not the long gown type if you don't want it to be that formal c: Yet looks elegant, sleek and sexy still c:

link here

7th choice is one of my favs too. Not the usual simple trapeze cut, not too fit yet shows sexiness even shows off your sexy legs c: link here

8th choice is a scoop neck design. Like the one on top, not too formal yet not too dressy. Simple yet sexy c:

link here

9th choice is a white beaded black gown where the colar bone and the waist is also emphasized here c: link here

Last choice is something I would not choose to wear cause it's not my type but when my hubby would tell me to wear it why not c:

link here

I had fun doing this because  I was like having window shop c: hope you enjoyed viewing it. I wish  this had been a great help for Maricris too c: Hope you found your perfect "it" dress...


  1. Umma said...

    I love the first gown dress, looks so simple yet elegant.

    Great taste Mommy Ice :)  

  2. iceah said...

    pareho talaga tayo ng choice ng damit c:

    how is your new year celebration? okay na kayo ni YL? c:  

  3. Pahn said...

    But siesta mean to take a nap in Spanish I think.. hehe, but your selection really looks great  

  4. iceah said...

    Yes it does mean that way, any way sorry did not explain what this SIesta Saturday is, head on to Maricris's Zen Ventures to know what it is c:

    Thanx for the comment and for the time c:  

  5. Marly said...

    hello...as I was reading the post, I chose the 7th choice. Bagay sa akin kasi I am petite :)  

  6. iceah said...

    That's nice also 1 of my favs.It also shows off the legs c: Wow, legs c:  

  7. Gem said...

    Buti ka pa makakasuot ng #1 choice mo.

    Ako, I think bagay sa akin ang #6 and #7 and the last choice. May beer belly kasi ako hahaha.  

  8. iceah said...

    Kya nga yan pinili ko kasi medyo may belly nadin ako hehehe :p  

  9. Zen Ventures said...

    I did see this. Thanks! They're all pretty and lovely but I will not be able to afford them!lol! The quest continues!  

  10. iceah said...

    oww...oo nga mahal no c:buy ka nlang ng cloth and ipatahi mo nalang para mas affordable hehehe c:  

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