3 weeks ago we went to my mother-in-laws place because we haven't had the chance to be with them for our New Years celebration. Anyway we had a good time and I finally had the glimpse of my hubby's gift baught at Berry's on-line store named berryfox. Check out her cute quartz watches c: 
Here at long last is my watch c:

lovely isn't it c:

and finally wearing it!!! 
Thanx honey bunch c:


  1. sheng said...

    Coolness, ganda, kaso loyal ako sa Timex eh, hehe.  

  2. pchi said...




  3. RJ said...

    Ito ang Wow Legs na naging 'Wow Wrist' na!

    Happy New Watch!  

  4. iceah said...

    sorry di na kita nabibisita a c: oo nga kaso mahal din masyado ang Timex c:

    Thanx c:

    Thanx c:  

  5. jes said...

    oohh. nice. ganda ng kulay ng watch.  

  6. iceah said...

    thanx c: love the color too that is why this was the one I chose c:  

  7. Gem said...

    Mukhang balbunin ka? Pansin ko lang. :-p  

  8. iceah said...

    oo kaso lang light lang kya di makita pag malayo c:  

  9. Gem said...

    Na-close up kasi ang kuha kaya na-obvious hehehe. Anyway, I'm sure Pasti likes that.

    Maganda yung napili mong watch. :-)  

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