My husband told me that some of his office mates could not agree with him that shopping online is better, much easier, and more practical than the traditional way of shopping. He said that his office mates could not see his point. So he explained to them that with the technology that we have today, online  shopping has become very convenient for the shopper. With online shopping, there is no need for the shopper to drive from store to store to get what he is looking for. With online shopping thousands of store are there laid out for you under your finger tip, waiting to be clicked. He told them about Shopwiki, the website that helped revolutionize online shopping. He explained to them how Shopwiki actively seeks out every store on the internet, just like the way Google crawls every nook in the web for websites to index. Unlike traditional shopping sites that only show the user the stores that paid for the listing, Shopwiki gives the user every store in the internet. This give the shopper a better chance at finding the best deal, at finding the particular product he's looking for. For example, if a shopper is looking for some camping equipment, all he needs to do is go to the camping and hiking section in Shopwiki and there he'll have all the online store in the world that sells camping and hiking equipment. And if a shopper wants to add to his shopping some sleeping bags or tents or binaculars or whatever one needs to buy, one can be sure that there is a section for that in Shopwiki. 

My husband told me that after he expalined the beauty of online shopping using Shopwiki as an illustrtion, his office mates were convinced and he knows that they will soon become converts to onlne shopping.


  1. Vinod said...

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