I am not very much into Twitter but I heard a lot about this Twitter worm that Twitter has been struggling to neutralize in the last few days. But it seems that the worm is eating its way fast into the microblogging service that many of my friends are into. Here's something about this worm from Haklab:

Alert to Twitter users: The 4th generation of the Mikeyy twitter exploit is out. Just by viewing a twitter profile an XSS code will be injected which will retweet the following tweets:

How TO remove new Mikeyy worm! RT!! http://bit.ly/yCL1s
This worm is getting out of hand Twitter. - Mikeyy
Twitter, your community is going to be mad at you... - Mikeyy
And it even changes your bio and put's the mikey URL in your URL field. It also changes the Hexx color to #mikeyy.

Steps to fix it:
1. Change your hex color/reset it
2. Change your bio and change the URL
3. DONT click on any profile that is suspicious and use another twitter client like TweetDeck instead of the Twitter website

Just wait until Twitter fixes it. I'll make an update here for you fellow Tweeps!


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