Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction Video. Yes, that's the second hottest topic in the web today, what with the beautiful Katherine Heigl accidentally showing more than what should be shown last night during her acceptance speech of her “Female Star of the Year” award at ShoWest Awards in Las Vegas. Her red dress suddenly got naughty and just came undone to please the audience he he he anyways, here is the snapshot of how the red dress malfunctioned:

Watch the video here: tinyurl.com/yl88mrk

Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction Video


  1. Alex said...

    How can this be malfunction? I don't really believe that. I think it is not a accident...hahaha  

  2. jobs in the philippines said...

    Such an embarrassing situation to be in...I give her credit for still being poised and composed despite the circumstance. It's a lesson for all of us to always make sure to double check our clothes if it's in perfect condition before and while being worn. Great site!  

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