Watch Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 1 Episode 10. The title of this new episode is "Party Favors". This series is getting more and more attention every new episode. Now, the 10th episode brings another hot story. The previous episode was equally hot, what with Spartacus servicing a very powerful lady. I bet that those who watched that episode will never forget it. Here is the synopsis of this new episode:

On his 15th birthday, Numerius (Lliam Powell) is given a special present, control over Batiatus’ gladiators as though the patrician teen was their master

Link to video :

Watch Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 1 Episode 10
Missing this episode is a crime. Yes, this episode is a must see so don't you miss it. If when it was aired you were not available to watch it because you were tied to your work, now is the time to watch it online. Yes, it is now available online via streaming. There are many websites around the web streaming this episode. Here is one of those sites that you can visit so that you can Watch Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 1 Episode 10 in full:

Link to video :


  1. Anonymous said...

    this is the best Show on TV and the " Party Favors" is the best one to date I can't wait till the next one.  

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