Watch Hannah Montana Season 3 Episode 30. Miley says Goodbye? That's the title of this episode. Is Miley really saying goodbye? so it's the end? No, not really, it's just that she has a dream. Here is the episode synopsis:

Miley has vivid dreams of her horse, Blue Jeans, and is forced to make the final decision on where she belongs.

Link to video:

Watch Hannah Montana Season 3 Episode 30
Okay Miley fans, you can now watch this episode online, just visit any of the websites that stream Hanna Montana for free. I have the URL of one of those site, and if you visit that site you sure could Watch Hannah Montana Season 3 Episode 30 in full, here is the URL of that site:

Link to video:


  1. Hannah Montana said...

    Just wanted to say that I am a BIG fan of Hannah Montana. I even have a fan site for her! Well, this is the first time I am visiting your site. It's cool. Please write more about Hannah Montana.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    I herd that the last episode will be in may and it will be leading up to it!  

  3. Anonymous said...

    Hey I so agree with Post more Miley!! So for all you hannah fans I herd the last ep will be in May of june of this year so it will be leading up to it!  

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