Here's another blessing to be thankful for c: This is also in relation to the post below about the "Think Twice" post.

I Won A P500 Worth of Groceries
How about you, it's your chance to share your blessings c:

No matter how small it's a blessing dear c:


  1. Gem said...

    You're very lucky! I think of myself as unlucky in lotteries... well, I think I have to change that mindset... lumalayo ata ang swerte sa akin.

    happy for you!  

  2. iceah said...

    gem sa totoo lang di talga ako mahilig sa ganyan sumali nga ako sa go bingo nagsawa ako agad.

    yan kasi naman automatic pag nakabili ka ng certain amount and certain product may entry ka automatic 1 entry nga lang yan nanalo pa! kasi nga po pinagpray ko c: usually now a days when i pray for something specially kung lambing kay Lord sinasagot nya and take note don't forget to say "Thank You ha" c: subukan mo manlambing kay Lord c:  

  3. Ageless said...

    Wow, congrats huh! I rarely win, I think I only won once. LOL  

  4. iceah said...

    thanx c: i thank the Lord for His blessings c:

    this was only my 2nd win in buying things c:  

  5. nicktay said...

    your blessed :)  

  6. iceah said...

    we are all blessed we just sometimes fail to recognize it c:  

  7. Carmie said...

    You are such a winner! More to her and please don't forget to throw some blessings to me. Cheers!  

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