I have been rounding my friends while dropping my EC's when I stumbled upon this couple who works perfectly together c: One a researcher and this is Shengmarie the other is a Professional Photographer and this is Kyawster.

They have works that fascinated me and that is why I chose them to be my Kreativ and Coolest Bloggers.

Here is a sample of their cool work together
This Poem was writen by Sheng
and the Photos were done by his hubby Kyawster.

dear God,

i thank You for these beauties that i see.
they sure reflect your love and goodness to me.

i thank You because, in them i feel
the deepest joy and it is real.

i am amazed at the beauty that surrounds

thinking that You are just always around.

let me be enlightened by the truth,
that with you, i must only trust and root.


(lovely, i have a thing for sunflowers c:)

Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.

~Henry Beecher

(wonderful cactus flower, i have one of these varieties c:)

People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.

~Iris Murdoch

(my dad has different colors of this beautiful Iris c:)
our family dreams of making a garden full of different flowers c:

Tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes!

~William Wordsworth

More of these wonderful macro shots of flowers and wonderful words about it at Shengs place.Just click this word - MORE


  1. RJ said...

    huhmn... Photography is also one of my interests.

    Nice photos!  

  2. Gem said...

    Nice lovely flowers (flower ba yung cactus?)

    You know we have lots of sunflowers up here in Baguio, especially in February.

    Mahilig kang magstumble, you can try delicious or Facebook for these.. hehehe.  

  3. sheng said...

    Hi there, thanks for posting this, it's a heart-warming feeling to be featured in other people's blogs. Salamat. We are currently on a vacation galore but when we get back, we promise more photos and we will sure post our experiences. Thanks and hope you enjoy MBS2.  

  4. iceah said...

    si Kyawster nagshoot nyan and that is why i gave them the award mga taga Mindanao rin sila c:

    We call ourselves M.O.M. (Mindanao Online Media) kasi not everybody knows blogging so Kuya Avel from Gen San coined this c:

    tama ka i love flowers in Baguio isa rin yan sa mga pinupuntahan dyan c:

    tama di nga flower ang cactus pero this one is shaped like one kya kala siguro nila Kyawster flower sya c:

    i love cactus din may collection ako ng mga varieties nila mom ko mas madami pinapasahan nya ako sabi ko pag may house na kmi gagawa ako ng garden na malalaking cactus nkalagay tapos nasa Rock garden yun hehehe c: walang bawal pagmangarap malay mo it will really happen c:

    yup alam ko your on vacation it's okay c: naenjoy talaga kami dami nakilala at natutunan pati si Josh tinawag na youngest blogger hehehe c:
    i love appreciating people who share my interests din c: kaya napapawow ako c: kaya nilagay ko yan dito sa wow-legs ko c:  

  5. Gem said...

    Really? Maraming nagbebenta ng cactus dito sa Baguio. I think they got those sa south pa.

    Rock garden is a great idea.  

  6. iceah said...

    have you watched FRIEDA si salma hayek nagdala -ang ganda ng cactus garden nila sa gitna ng bhay nila as in ! dun ko naisip yung idea na yun c:  

  7. Zen Ventures said...

    I love sunflowers too! :)  

  8. iceah said...

    me too i have a collection of things that has sunflowers c: i love looking at them because yellow is bright and cheerful it is like the sun c: i wrote a poem once about them and made a craypas art too c:  

  9. Gem said...

    No - the movie.. too bad. Pero siguro nga maganda ang pagkaayos ng garden.  

  10. Pastilan said...

    ganda mare ang style ng bahay nila pa-square tapos bukas ang gitna kasi nga may garden ng malalaking cactus sobrang like ko kaya plan ko din yan pagmay bahay na kami c:  

  11. LY said...

    Oh I love flowers. I feel so relaxed and uplifted when I saw and smell them :)  

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