These awards have long been delayed and am really so sorry guys for posting it soooooo... late c:

Well Thank You so much from the bottom of my heart for the people who have become my friends and the reason is by passing these awards around our circle of friendships hehehe c: My heartfelt Thanx to all of you c:

First is this Rose from Cidy and Gem

Another rose from Pchi I love white roses c:

This lovely butterfly award was from my dear friend Gem c: Which is according to her research is you believe in this blog and all the writings in it c: tama ba pagkaintindi ko gem? hehehe :p

Another cool butterfly from Joops and Pchi dear c:

And a creative blog award from Pchi and my newest friend Maicel c:

THANX ssssoooo much guys for sharing these award with me c: My heartfelt gratitude c:

Now, I'm breaking the cycle because my circle of friends had already received this awards, am passing these 2 awards (Butterfly Award and Kreativ Blogger) to my new found friends namely:

Caryn - her blog has unique contests and swaps with unique prizes c: lovely!

Kyawster and Shengmarie - my new tandem friends, one photo shoots the other researches c: (cool pair you are)


  1. sheng said...

    Thanks Iceah, lovely award, I am sure getting it, I just cannot post this now, I am quite busy with the trip we will soon be having but nevertheless, our thanks to you. We sure are a nice pair, haha, we will soon be adventuring Western Visayas, and he will be taking pics too, so we will be silent for a while, when we get back, I will post about this award. Thanks so much. God bless. Balitaan mo kami on the MBS2 ha.  

  2. iceah said...

    it's okay i was really late on posting this too c: no rush honey c:  

  3. Gem said...

    Awards! Hehehe!

    Someone translated the butterfly award long time ago. A Portuguese blogger dropped by to offer help in translating this. Read among the comments:

    A Lovely Butterfly Award and Two Roses  

  4. iceah said...

    thanx gem for the info c: mwa!  

  5. ilovPH2 said...

    You have garnered a lot of awards there! Congratulations kababayan!  

  6. iceah said...

    thanx dear c: and thanx for dropping by as well c:  

  7. iceah said...

    thanx dear c: nakuha kona yung meaning c:  

  8. WebbieGurl said...

    Hmmmmm... the two bottom ones look familiar to me.. i have them too! Am happy to see a fellow awardee here! Congrats, Iska! ^^  

  9. Rogue said...

    Daming award ah! COngratulations! For sure you deserve all these.  

  10. Gem said...

    You're welcome! =)  

  11. iceah said...

    @webbie girl
    thanx ka iska c: see you soon c:

    thanx c: thanx for dropping by too c:
    i like your name c:  

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