I love making handmade creations; cross-stitch, crochet, embroidery, bead work like earrings, necklace, bracelets, fossilized pressed flowers in cards etc. For this I thank God for my gifts secondly for my beloved mama c: who taught me all these c:

Here is a sample of my work :

Beads, semi precious stones, safety pins, buttons and this aluminum opener in canned drinks stitched in a bag c:

And here is the reason why I posted this here and why I chose CARYN'S blog as a unique, coolest and a creative blog c:

Click her name and know more of her swaps at her blog c:


  1. RJ said...

    Very creative!

    Hindi lang pala sa pagsusulat mahusay, pati sa handicraft magaling din.

    Australians have an annual event in their town/city where they could display their works [baking, handicraft, painting, photos, etc]. We should promote this kind of exhibition in the Philippines, as well.  

  2. Regina said...

    Very creative! Bless you, I don't have that kind of patience!!  

  3. Gem said...

    Maganda! Not too flashy. Simple, but not too simple.

    I love that.  

  4. iceah said...

    @ RJ
    thanx bro c:
    sana nga we have those but we do have festivals right? in each place here in the Philippines where in the products of the Town or City is displayed that's one way of showing the talents of the people diba c:

    thanx dear c: God bless you too c:
    thanx for the time feel free to visit back c:

    thanx mare dear c:
    yan nakita mona san ako magaling hehehe :p  

  5. Blog Contest Station said...

    Hi there,

    For me to add your button I need the url for your button. You can grab my button on my site.

    Blog Contest Station  

  6. Berryblitz said...

    yung plain bag, naging cool teen bag!!!  

  7. iceah said...

    @blog contest station
    ok c: thanx for the info c:

    c:c:c: maganda ba c:
    glad you liked it c:
    am planning and praying for something to sell on my blog din c:  

  8. Berryblitz said...


    that's a nice idea
    ako ren nagiisip kung ano pang puedeng gimik

    online selling... gusto kong pasukan, hindi ko alam kung ano ibebenta ko  

  9. iceah said...

    gawa ka kya ng templates or anything na involving your line of talent c:kasi si dad is planing din ganyan ewan lang kung kaya nya at my time ba sya c:

    wala namnnga impossible kng ipagppray mo c:  

  10. Berryblitz said...


    dream ko gumawa ng free templates, and meron ding ibang benta

    my prob is time. i have my ivan pa

    i really love designing, kaso priority ko si ivan

    hindi nga ako makatanggap tanggap ng programming sideline kc "ivan first before others"  

  11. iceah said...

    tam yan mommy berry mommy na tayo c: hehehe marami pang opps for us when the right time comes c: kya nga i keep reminding dad dahandahan lang c: dearating din tayo dyan c:
    contentment first then God will grant us our desires in the right time basta wag natin kalimutan ang priorities natin which is why we strive ti work diba para din sa family natin c: pero make time for them din and take time to rest c:  

  12. Berryblitz said...

    yeah just like yung sa post ko dun sa http://tsinay.blogsome.com/2008/10/18/family-first-by-jb-jimenez-ayala-land/

    nakakahinayang, pero we have to always think of..."ano ba talaga ang priority natin?"  

  13. Nanaybelen said...

    really nice. pwede yan pang business  

  14. iceah said...

    yup,read it na c: (ur post)
    tama ka dyan mare c: hehehe c:

    @nanay belen
    thanx c: am planing to do that c:  

  15. Gem said...

    This would have been one of the things that I'll be getting into, kung di ko napili ang career ko ngayon.

    I also love doing these handiworks. I also got those pressed flower petals way back in high school. Di ko lang alam kung saan ko tinabi.

    Crochet and knitting are my stuff too. Cross-stitch din.

    Sadly I had to let go of these. Time.  

  16. Gem said...

    Maganda yung idea ng online selling nito. Sana may market hehehe.

    I just don't know how to see if there are potential customers online. :(  

  17. iceah said...

    ay talaga c: okay ba yang ginawa ko ? marunong ka pla c:
    meron namn sigurong interested bumili on line c: itry natin c:  

  18. Gem said...

    Yup. I really wish I had that time like you.

    Kung may potential naman talaga ito kumita online why not? May napanood ako sa TV na merong mga demand for these.

    I just don't know where to look for these customers. In case I had those leads, I'll let you know.  

  19. iceah said...

    thanx dear c: talked to Pierre Josh calls him clown coz he has this hat of a clown/jester and his name sa blogging world is jesterinexile so pinangatawanan nya na. He made his hat and it's so cool he encouraged me to keep on stitching c: am making a doll gusto ko nga padalhan si Jhanna Christmas gift kaso wla ako sewing mach. anyway cool ni pierre i call him jester all of us hehehe c: gagawan ko kc si Josh nung hat for his bday kc april fools bday n Josh and he loves clowns so he'll be the clown on his bday c: cool or what? pagipunan kna and planuhin ng maigi c:  

  20. Berryblitz said...

    wow marunong ka ren ng stitching? ako cross stitch lang ang alam ko hahaha  

  21. Gem said...

    Great to hear your Josh having a good time with Pierre. Haha. Natuwa sa kanya. Tamang tama lang ang pagkajester niya.

    I'm glad he found his world. Di kasi namin siya jester sa batch. Probably has something to do sa clash in interest ng majority ng batch namin.

    Pierre is really a nice person - gusto ko makasama noong college. Probably fun to be with siguro kung makilala niya si Jhanna.

    Thanks for thinking about giving something for Jhanna. Pero ok lang kahit wala, hehehe.

    If Josh likes clown outfit, why not!  

  22. Tiffiney said...

    i love these..cute bag...good work! :)  

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