I love this uniquely made ring c: c: c: which was given away last month by Catherinette (also a unique name by the way) of Steam Powered Rings. This is my featured blog this week. because her works amazes me until now c:

I did not win though... to my disappointment because I had not done my part of the bargain well :c Anyway, I still want to join and still am a fan of her works c: here are cool samples of her works in her Etsy Store.

I love the Purple Flower too c:
I also posted here below the Avatar of her blog c:

So I encourage you all to visit her blog and check out and buy at her Etsy Store right now c:


  1. Beat Black said...

    i love her work too. its so dark and stunning. I hope the person who wanted it the most won it.  

  2. Catherinette Rings said...

    Hi , Thank you so much for blogging about my rings . :-) I will make sure to give you a few entries into my next giveaway .  

  3. iceah said...

    @beat black
    yah, i love her works c: Punky!
    Thanx for the visit c:

    You are welcome c:My blog is featuring works that amazes me that is why I featured your rings here c: your works amazes me c:
    Thanx for dropping by c:  

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