Beginning in the last decade, digital cameras have become more and more affordable and many people are becoming artists in their own way. The art of photography has become the art of thousands of common people like you and me. Because digital cameras have become ubiquitous, common people have also began to discover the innate photographer in themselves. If we scour the internet for images taken by people with their digital cameras, we will be amazed at the sheer number of talented individuals out there who are able to capture moments and things that could look commonplace to those who have no eye for photography but they come out like magic in our computer screens because they see that exact moment to click the shutter. If you think you have the artist in you, why not start thinking about having your own digital camera? I came upon 42nd Street Photo's Google Page, there I found these cool nature pics that really inspired the artist in me. After seeing the images they have in that page I started to think that probably I can take good nature images too. I love nature and I love photography, that's all there is to need to start! 42nd Street Photo is a popular online camera store located in the heart of New York City.provide an online store for digital camera sales. They have more than four decades of history providing some of the best customer service in the business. If you want to start out with photography, now's the right time to check them out and be inspired.


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