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See that little number three up there? That's my new PR :) This blog is now PR3. Google has just updated PR and this blog was given another notch up. I am very happy for this, thanks Google :)
My other blog has been given PR1, that's an improvement fromPR0.
My third blog, Cheese Cake is now PR2, Yehey!!!

I am also happy that my husband's main blog,, is now PR3. His other blog MyFreedomWall has remained in PR3. His got a PR1.

I am checking out my friends' blogs and update this post tomorrow with a list of those who got it bigger from Google c:

I Thank the Lord for our blessings this year and for the more to come c: c: c:


  1. Francesca said...

    have a blessed new year ate.
    and congrats sa page rank mo.

  2. iceah said...

    thanx so much have a blessed year too c:  

  3. Berryblitz said...

    buti ka pa hehehhe

    congrats. ako ata kahit isa sa mga blogs ko, wala  

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