Watch The Glades Season 1 Episode 6
Watch the episode HERE. Callie gives Longworth a call when her head trauma patient says he saw a man who could be his double commit a murder. Longworth is already on the scene of the murder as described, so Callie’s patient may be his only witness or quite possibly the killer. It seems the victim was trying to escape from her domineering husband. Watch The Glades Season 1 Episode 6

Here's a review of the show from Hollywood Reporter:

Bottom Line: An unexpectedly funny show that takes a bite outta crime.
Jim Longworth is not an easy man to tolerate. His last boss shot him, precipitating a move from the Chicago police force to a sleepy South Florida locale -- and before the end of the first episode of A&E's new crime dramedy "The Glades," he has to face the barrel of another unexpected gun aimed at him.

But viewers won't just tolerate Longworth -- if they're smart, they'll find him irresistible. Played by Matt Passmore, he's an infuriatingly self-confident rogue whose partner notes accurately, "You act like a clown, you treat the job like an inconvenience" to which Longworth replies, "I hate it here, but the golf is great." It's that kind of story: a kind of "Burn Notice" (also Florida-based) meets "White Collar" (from which creator Clifton Campbell hails), yet it's shaded with a darker eccentricity than either of those cable dramas.

"Glades" goes dark fast: A headless torso is found floating in a swampy area of the Everglades; there's no skimping on gore, so avoid hearty meals before watching the episode. Longworth's approaching-perfect golf game gets interrupted, and he declares the green a crime scene to be left undisturbed until he can get back. The ball, surrounded by yellow tape, becomes a recurring joke/interstitial throughout the episode -- a surreal, delightful touch.

Off he goes investigating, but the story is less about arriving at the solution -- which should come as a surprise -- than how Longworth gets there. Along the way he finds a possible new love interest (Kiele Sanchez, who matches him arched eyebrow for arched eyebrow), takes said love interest's son (Uriah Shelton) out fishing, nearly gets his hand chomped by a gator, retrieves evidence from inside a gator and basically astonishes almost everyone he comes in contact with.

Other than golf, it's hard to tell just what Longworth takes seriously -- but that's OK because almost everyone else around him is ripe for fooling around with.

"Glades" isn't just well-cast, it's a pleasure for all the senses; the lush greenery and ever-present bodies of water that sculpt the landscape of South Florida are a welcome respite from the usual urban boxes and traffic-jammed streets. In the end, the series itself is something fresh, welcome and a little tart -- and just like a nice citrus fruit, it'll be hard to stop with just one of these.


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