Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 8
Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 Online on HBO. HBO’s breakout vampire series hit its all time ratings high after it attracted over 5 million viewers on its previous episode last Sunday. It may have gotten the short end of Jersey Shore Season 2 premiere ratings but it rated 3.0 on ages 18-49. Today the excitement continues as Bill attempts to revive Sookie after almost sucking Sookie’s blood dry. Watch the episode here:

Bill and Sookie’s relationship took a turn for the worse after Sookie told bill that she doesn’t know if she can ever forgive him. Bill knew that it was all his fault that Sookie got a near death experience and told her that he doesn’t want to be forgiven and he doesn’t deserve Sookie anymore. It’s official, Sookie and Bill has broken up. Meanwhile, Russell gave Debbie Pelt the authority to go after Sookie.

Jessica was ecstatic to find out that Bill has finally returned to Bon Temps. She admitted that she went on a feeding spree while he was gone and asked Bill to teach her how to become a full fledged training. In the middle of their training, Jessica asked Bill to get back with Sookie but it was obvious that he was devastated with all that happened and even though he still loves Sookie I [he] has to let her go.

Alcide escorted Sookie back to Bon Temps and met up with Sheriff Andy. Andy was mad at Bill to nearly killing Sookie and urged her to press charges against him. Jason was also furious and vowed to kill Bill but Andy told him not do so. The best part of the episode was the battle between Sookie and Debbie. Sookie shot Debbie while she was hiding from behind the wall but later found out that she missed her. Bill was also there in the scene as she helped Sookie defend herself from the assault. In the end, Bill and Sookie realized that they need one another and reunited in a most intimate way.


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