Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 – Night on the Sun
Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 – Night on the Sun. The eighth installation of this series will be shown at 9PM on HBO. Watching this episode on TV is the finest option there is. But if not, then watch it on the net via on the net replays and live streams. Former episode of the series can be found online. There are a great number of sites out there where you can watch the episodes for free and all it takes is a straightforward search in Google or Yahoo with the keywords "watch True Blood online".

Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 – Night on the Sun. The new title episode of True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 is entitled “Night on the Sun”. One of the most popular vampire themed horror-drama TV series will going to show its eight episodes for their third season will hit again this Sunday on HBO. The last week episode was Alcide and Tara tried to help Sookie to get Bill in safe place. Tara interfere their dangerous plan but she makes a plan on mind of Sookie and a lot happened afterward. True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 – Night on the Sun, Sookie is contemplating her relationship with Bill while reconciliation with Jessica. This is one of the most awaited parts of the show is between Bill and Sookie’s romance, a forbidden love that possibly will end tragically. And many more mysteries to be reveled so better watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 – Night on the Sun because more blood will be spill and more actions to be watch for this new episode of True Blood Season 3 Episode 8. The True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 is directed by Lesli Linka Glatter and written by Raelle Tucker.

True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 Plot: Want to know the next plot of True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 new episode entitled “Night on the Sun”? OK I will give you some summaries of the story its up to you guys to picture the whole detail of the story or better just wait and watch it on Sunday night.

Here’s the plot: Shaken and disillusioned, Sookie rethinks her relationship with Bill. Sophie-Anne takes up a new residence as Russell plots his next move. Jessica and Bill reconcile; Jason throws down the gauntlet in hopes in saving Crystal; Lafayette gets surprise visit from her mom, Rubu Jean; Sam tries to keep Tommy in check; Merlotte’s gets a new waitress; Eric proves the depth of his allegiance to Russell. Also Alcide’s family emergency puts Sookie in a vulnerable position. Feel the drama, action, excitement and thrill, don’t ever miss the newest episode of True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 – Night on the Sun.

Let us take a look at last week's episode for context. It was titled "Hitting the Ground". Lorena and the head Nazi were wiped out by Sookie and Alcide respectively. Yes, this book-based show is getting bloodier by the episode.

Veteran watchers and book readers alike could skip the show summary below and read the episode 8 synopsis below. But if you are newbie to this True Blood saga, make sure you watch all 3 seasons starting from the first one.

The series follows Sookie Stackhouse, a barmaid living in Louisiana who can browse people's minds, and how her life is turned upside down when the Vampire Bill, walks into her place of employment two years after vampires'came out of the coffin' on national television.

The episode synopsis is written below:

Night on the Sun - True Blood Season 3 Episode 8. While Sookie must re-think her connection with Bill, he is back with Jessica. Sophie-Anne relocates her residence while Russell decides what he\'s going to do next. Ruby Jean pays Lafayette a unexpected visit while Jason offers a challenge to save Crystal. A brand new waitress starts at Merlotte. Eric\'s allegiance to Russell is without a doubt. Sookie is put in a vulnerable position after Alcide\'s family crisis.

There are only 5 episodes left which includes episode 8. Hence, my recommendation is, make sure your Sunday 9PM is free for True Blood. Nothing beats vampirism to start the week right?


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