Watch Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 3
Watch Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 3 Online Click HERE to watch and find the latest episode of summer’s hottest reality TV show. Tonight’s episode was a bit disappointing as it dealt with the same drama as the previous episode. Ronni and Sammi’s relationship was the center of this entire episode. It dealt quite a bit with Angelina’s situation in the Shore house but about 90% of the time it was about Sammi and Ronnie’s on and off relationship and to be honest, it is getting a bit old.

The episode picked up from the confrontation of Angelina, The Situation, and Pauly D. This time everyone in the house was ganging up on Angelina and she was being emotional about it. Mike ‘The Situation’ approached the other housemates and convinced them to give Angelina a second chance because they can’t live like that forever. Mike then invited Angelina to go out and party with them. While they were partying, Snookie talked to Angelina and gave her advice on how she can repair her image and be on good terms with the other housemates again. Angelina admitted that she was talking sh** about every body and they all lived happily ever after period.

Meanwhile, drunken Ronnie embarassed Sammi with the rest of the housemates and called her the B word. Sammi stormed out of the club but after the night was over Ronnie went back to the house and asked Sammi to smoosh with him. JWoww, Snooki and the rest of the housemates is slowly getting disgusted about what Ronnie was doing and thought about telling Sammi about Ronnie’s womanizing ways. JWoww calls Ronnie a pig and devised a plan to tell Sammi. On episode 4 preview, the girls used an anonymous email address and mailed Sammi telling her that Ronnie was in fact cheating.

The funniest thing that happened to this episode was Vinny hooking up with Snooki and then waking up to answer Emilio’s (Snooki’s boyfriend) phone call. Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship has been dragging this show to a ratings slump, hopefully we get to see crazier things happen next week.


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