1. Earning money by writing about different new products or so...
(although a lot of people don't even know this) only the bloggers know about it.

2. Meet new friends from all over the globe without moving from your place (in front of the computer). c:

3. Travel to other places all over the world without walking from where you are sitting.

4. Know other peoples culture and language.

5. Know just about anything just by typing and searching through the net.

6. You get to pour out your thoughts without people criticizing your views. Gem and Berry says other wise and I believe it's true too c:.

7. You get to chat and discuss things with your fellow bloggers c:

8. You meet new friends with the same interests as your own c:

9. You meet new friends with different views of life, exciting though c:


(post to be continued...)


  1. P'tit Praince said...

    "10.it is a good way to spend time when you are bored"

    I chose Alf because i think it is one of the best Tv shows caracters ever. Funny, clever, hairy. All that i love.

    And i love beautiful long legs too...  

  2. iceah said...

    hahaha you are funny c:thanx for dropping by c:  

  3. P'tit Praince said...

    what can i do to see your beautiful long legs?


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