It has been a tradition to me to make a surprise present to my best friend and hubby every time we celebrate something ( not in particular birthdays c: ). And it has been about 4 months since he taught me of using the net to write anything and have fun while doing it here in my blogs c: Also i have gained a handful of friends and this is also my way of thanking him for being supportive in every way. I want to share the joy of greeting him first thing in the morning c:

So join me as we give him a surprise greeting today on his Special Day!!!

Happy Birthday to our Dear Friend


* Write your greetings on the comments post please c:

Sorry honey this is the closest avatar image i can make, this is the hair i wanted for you i know bawal sa inyong office na ganyan hehehe ;p mwamwamwa! c:


  1. Berryblitz said...

    happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy!!!

    oo nga pala, hawig na ren yung mangavatar :p

    more birthdays to come :)  

  2. pchi said...

    happy birthday!

    parang si josh na tumanda yung manga/avatar! hehe :-)

    more wonderful years to come!

    more friends to meet

    more opportunities to earn money online...

    May God grant you all your heart's desire


  3. Pastilan said...

    Thanks Berry and Pchi :)  

  4. Cidy said...

    Hey Kuya Nel! Belated Happy BURPday! =)Been busy 2 days ago kaya di nakapag online... Wishing you overflowing happiness, love and wonderful opportunities in life.. God bless!  

  5. Tiffiney said...

    HI! Happy Birthday from Virginia!!! Hope you have a great one! :)  

  6. Gem said...


    ayos ang avatar kuhang kuha!

    sori di ako ang first tag. parang may galit ata si pasti sa akin at binagyo ako (buong day patay sindi and koryente kaya short updates na lang ako kahapon)

    happy birthday pa rin! =)  

  7. Pastilan said...

    @Cidy thanks cuz, you're not late, tama lang it's the 22nd he he he

    @Tiffiney thanks for sending your greeting all the way from Virginia :)

    @Gem nye he he he he kaya binagyo kasi Baguio yung pangalan ng place nye he he he i-email ko na lang yung blue berry cheese cake sa iyo :)  

  8. Babette said...

    Uy, I think I've been to his blog. I remember the name because I use to hear my mom say "Pastilan...". LOL Happy Birthday to your hubby. :D  

  9. iceah said...

    thanx for the greeting c:  

  10. chocobread said...

    belated happy birthday!  

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