I was EC dropping for my other blog when I accidentally saw something that interests me. It was about a discovery about a new type of coffee named "Kafe Balos" . Discovered in Mindanao, one of the world's most expensive and coveted kinds of coffee. It comes from an unusual source - the droppings of a nocturnal, cat-like animal called the palm civet. Wonderful to me because I'm proud to say that I'm from Mindanao, the largest island in the Philippines in terms of land area.

Learn more about the Mindanao Civet Coffee at Blagadagg!!!


  1. shengmarie said...

    Hi, ever been to the mountains doing research for this? I did... hehehe, and quite a fun thing....  

  2. shengmarie said...

    hi there, all the other colors in my font colorchart is limited, kaya wala akong choice, when i use other colors, they will surely fade, heheh... anyway, i am arguing with my hubby, ask lang ako, i feel like you're chat ansagay from abs-cbn's magandang umaga socsargen, are you?  

  3. iceah said...

    nope c: am a mass comm from Ramon Magsaysay c:
    me too my hubby is the expert on my blog design and the tech side of my blogs c:  

  4. jhoicexoxo said...

    Hi what's up??
    Thanks foe visiting my site.
    Nice website too indeed^^ I haven't heared of this one yet, but thanks for sharing, I do love coffee, But i have no idea what this one taste like^^. (i hope not too strong though)

  5. Gem said...

    What? Droppings? hahaha!

    I love coffee very much but I have not tasted this one. How much does one cup cost?  

  6. kyawster said...

    hi peepz.... yes droppings... ummmmm something like this hehehehe... taste like hot choco amoy kape pero hindi lasang kape.

    Kangaroo Coffee Company at Tiongco St, Davao City offers it at PHp300/cup....

    Meron ata sa Fagioli (J. Catolico Ave.) and Sarangani Highlands but I don't know how much.  

  7. iceah said...

    thanx for answering fo me napawisan ako dun montik nako hehehe c:
    there goes your answer guys c:  

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