My husband, who often finds time to surf the net to check things out during office breaks, told me about CEIVA digital photo frame. He told me that i should try it because it's amazing. But he did not tell me what exactly made it amazing. I got curious about it so I visited the website. It did not take long before I had fun uploading my favorite image up the site and see it's beauty enhanced by the very unique digital photo frame. The image I uploaded is a family picture, me, my hubby, and our one and only cute little three year old taken during a blogger's summit we've attended lately. I chose that image because it perfectly captures the deep bond of love that makes my small family a very strong one. It was taken by my husband's cousin who was with us during that time. How I wish I would have CEIVA as a gift, I will ask my hubby for it :)

CEIVA is having a Got a Wish Sweeepstakes for the holiday season. Yes, if you want to experience how it feels to be sitting pretty on Santa's lap this Christmas and have some of your wishes come true, join the contest. There will be 29 winners in this contest. One winner would be selected for each day and will receiev $500. Wow, that would really make your Christmas, join now :)



  1. Gem said...

    He mentioned that he sat on Santa's lap in one of his blogs. Is that true? Hehehe

    I think I missed that image. Where did you post that? I am in a hurry to catch up with you guys.  

  2. Francesca said...

    Wow, digital frames are sooo kewl! =]  

  3. iceah said...


    It's okay you are a busy body and we all are busy sometimes c: i understand c: Thanx for dropping by c: answered your qestion at your site c: sa shout box mo c:


    Hope you read my answer to your comments here in my site too c: and in my shout box because i noticed that your link to your posts and site is broken.hope to visit and read yours too c:  

  4. Gem said...

    Thanks hehehe.. Everybody had been so busy nowadays.  

  5. iceah said...

    welcome, busy kasi Christmas season hehehe c:

    thanx for the invitation c: already registered thanx a lot c:  

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