Look at what this little boy can do with his guitar. He is amazing!
Wish my little Josh would be this good c:


  1. Francesca said...

    He's japanese right? Yea, what he does is really amazing. =]  

  2. Pastilan said...

    He's Korean, the name is Sungha Jung.  

  3. ""rare*jonRez"" said...

    oh yeah, he is the one! isn't he amazing? super!!! my friend in korea saw him perform in person and oh, she had goosebumps! :) what a talent indeed!  

  4. iceah said...

    nope he is Korean as Pasti has said c: and he is really amazing c:

    cool name e c: wow! wish I was there c:  

  5. Garando said...

    OMG!!! That kid is amazing!  

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