My husband told me about Ceiva's digital frame, he found it while surfing the internet. He told me to check it out because it's cool. so I checked it out and found out that my husband was right in saying that Ceiva's digital frame is cool. I immediately uploaded my favorite family picture. I wanted to see the effect of the digital frame on it, I wanted to see if it would enhance the beauty of the image. I love that image because it looks so perfect, it captured the strong bond of love that holds my family together. When I saw the magic that Ceiva's digital frame made on the image I suddenly got a strong wish to have a Ceiva Digital frame. I'll tell my hubby to give me one as a Christmas gift :)

Ceiva is also having a contest. This contest will help you if you got a wish that you would like to come true this Christmas season. To join the contest all one has to do is to visit Ceiva's Sit on santa's Lap site. Upload a picture that you love and along with it add your wish for Santa to grant. In this contest there will be 29 people to be given $500 each. One winner will be selected every day for 29 days. So if you have a great picture and a wish, why not join Ceiva's Sitting on Sant'a's Lap contest?  Wishes come true, believe me.



  1. RJ said...

    I really wanted to buy digital photo frame and upload/save some of my Australian photos and send it to my family in the Philippines! But until now I haven't bought one, yet.

    I'll try to check Ceiva digital photo frame. 7", 14", etc sizes?!?! I hope I can find one in the city so I can check Ceiva's features.  

  2. iceah said...

    Good try it c: it would be really neat for a Christmas gift c:  

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