This is a late post about these amazing contest that was held in our place. As you can see these are christmas trees and this was held last christmas c: Amazing how the groups made their tree out of what their place produce and even use for living.

This tree was made of coconut from it's fruit, leaves, branches and all.

The most unique one I saw but the sad part is hours after it was lit it was burned to the ground:c It was easily burnt because of it's light materials.

With my son posing under this tree, this one is made of small part of the coconut which holds the fruit itself. Mosaic in style, with corn peelings under it.

This is a favorite of mine. Very fine and neatly done. Another mosaic of different seeds like monggo, corn and watermelon. The bottom is made of corn peelings with white corn cubs under it.

Hope this post amazed you as much as it amazed me c:


  1. pchi said...

    very nice indeed!  

  2. Juliet said...

    nice and unique!  

  3. sheng said...

    The last I went to Polomolok was when I did the Kapeng Alamid story! Ahhh, two years na pala.  

  4. iceah said...

    @Pchi and Juliet
    cute talaga di ko na nalagay yung iba c:

    grabe tagal na yun a c:  

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