Seeing in the dark or seeing through fog, thick smoke, or heavy rain is impossible. But with our modern technology, it is now possible to have an eye that allows us to see in almost any condition, whether it in in the dark, in too much light, or when there are things that obscure our view. There are gadgets now that allow us to see in the dark like night vision goggles. There are also gadgets that "see" thermal signatures in any light condition like the Raytheon Thermal Imagers. This gadget uses thermal imaging to provide usable thermal imagery under almost every natural and man-made obscurant - day or night. This can detect temperature differences by emitting infrared (IR) energy (heat) at differing rates and displays them as a picture of the viewed scene. Anyone have have this kind of gadget now, just try visiting and see their wide range of Night Vision products that are in price ranges that will give you a great deal. 


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