Do you know what is the top job in Brazil? I guess almost any man would love to have this kind of job. This job fetches $2,000 a day and only one guy in Brazil has this job. Would you want to be the assistant of this guy? I guess you would especially after you know what kind of job it is. I guess you would like to know what this job is all about. Well, this guy's job involves painting the bodies of gorgeous women for the Carnival. Betto Almeida is the Mr. Lucky of Rio's Carnival. He is an artist and he gets to paint the body of those sexy Carnival dancers. "You wouldn't believe how many applications I get for an assistant," Almeida said in an interview. "But it's hard work, man. I take my job seriously." he added. 


  1. Gem said...

    Totoo ito? Is it published somewhere sa internet?  

  2. iceah said...

    totoo yan mare c: kasi may place sila na halos whole year round may festivals at most of the time nagpapapaint sila sa kanya c:  

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