Well, I know that the name of this dish may sound so strange for non-Filipinos, but this is one of my favotite dishes. Here's a recipe I got from Pinoy Food Recipe

Ingredients :

* 1 Kilo of Pork Face & Ears (cut into cubes)

* 8 Pieces of Tokwa (Beancurd) 2"x2"

* 1 Small cloves of garlic (minced)

* 3 Big onions (diced)

* 1 Cup vinegar

* 1 Cup soy sauce

* 1 Teaspoon salt

* 1 Teaspoon brown sugar

Cooking procedure:

1. In a casserole, boil pork with salt, lower fire and let it simmer until pork is tender.

2. Take the pork out and set aside.

3. Fry tokwa in hot oil until toasted and slice to the same size as the pork.

4. In a sauce pot, mix soy sauce, vinegar, salt, garlic and onions and heat for just few minutes.

5. Pour in mixture over pork and tokwa.

Happy eating :)


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