I have not posted much lately in this blog. Specially featured some blogs lately. So at last I'm posting right now c:

I have always been a fan of photography and I love appreciating them. I featured about 2 guys who have captured my interest on their photos. My featured blog this week is a lady and a mom named Fhaye of PhotoDito. She has other blogs named MARKFE . Anyway, I was fascinated by her photo shots in close-up. Here is a sample of her photo and blog. I like it specially now because of this lovely close-up pic of the cute hand of her daughter c:

Here is the bigger version c:

isn't it heart warming and sweet c:

Visit her photo blog to view more of her lovely photos c: ...


  1. Carl said...

    The image reminds me of this product.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Ohh yeah it's cute! lovely hands and great pic!  

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