Are you single and looking for your perfect match? I came upon this site a while ago that allows matching of singles who are seeking their match. What makes this site somewhat different from other dating sites is that it aims to match you up with someone who is within your area. The name of the site is This is a very fitting name for the site because it helps one look for one's local match. I think local dating is more plausible than what other dating sites try to do--match people who are oceans apart. is free, anyone can join, no need to shell out some cash to meet a date. Because of curiousity I signed up for an account and sneaked inside the site. I find the site easy to navigate, even the newbie in the internet would not be lost in it. The local personals are also interesting. They have this nice section where you can browse the pictures of the members of the site and see who would appeal to you. I am married so I was not attracted to any guy in there but i know that single would find some of them attractive. 


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