My hubby is really into indie films. I don't know where he gets them but he downloads at least two indie movies each week. The movies he downloads are very good ones, they really stay in my mind and get me into viewing life from many different angles. The latest that we've seen is the indie film The King (2005), it is one of the strongest movies I've seen in years. Now, my hubby is downloading Joe Swanberg and Greta Gerwig's Nights and Weekends. We love mumblecore and he said that this movie is one of the best representatives of the mumblecore genre. I will write a review of this flick after we watch it by and by. Just a few megabytes left to be downloaded and the movie is ready to be watched. I am excited.


  1. Andrew said...

    Hi there, I've been looking everywhere for "Nights and Weekends." Torrents, rapidshare, no avail. If you don't mind, I would appreciate if your partner could forward me a link to the source where he originally downloaded the movie from. My e-mail address is andrewarchy[at]gmail[DOT]com

    Much appreciated  

  2. Anonymous said...

    I have the same problem as andrew, dying to see the movie yet I can't find it anywhere. If you could help, civcris
    I would be so so grateful!  

  3. Anonymous said...

    me too please email me the link at Thanks!  

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