There are times when I feel that I am not pretty and sexy anymore. I know that I have gained a few pounds here and there after giving birth but the way my hubby acts around me is a reassurance that I am still as pretty as when he first met me (at least in his eyes!). He touches me always and tells me that I am the sexiest woman in the world. But I know that he is just blinded, I know that I need some trimming here and there. If I have the choice and if I have the money for it, I think I'd go for some cosmetic surgery to remove all those fats that have envaded my once sexy abs. But I know that cosmetic surgery should be done right and done by experts in this field. I heard that there's one very trusted name when it comes to cosmetic surgery in the UK, it is MYA. Out of curiousity I checked out their site and found out that they also have a forum that is a very good Cosmetic Surgery Help. There are experts in the forum who can answer many questions that usually play in the minds of those who are considering plastic surgery or any type of cosmetic surgery. By just reading the discussion of people in the forum, I learned a lot about cosmetic surgery. I believe that this forum is a very good place for those who would like to have cosmetic surgery.


  1. Donna said...

    Great job putting this together! I recently ran into The Patients Advantage when looking for a plastic surgeon. It's a great way to find the best surgeons and it is completely free. Check them out (  

  2. Gem said...

    Ha? Ano? Hmmm... di ka na masaya sa body mo? I'm not happy with mine too.. But at least masaya pa rin si hubby Pastilan sa iyo (at sincere na bolero rin ... LOL)  

  3. iceah said...

    Glad to be of assistance c:

    Hahaha :p  

  4. Pastilan said...

    @ Gemsky ha? Bolero? cno? :P  

  5. iceah said...

    hehehe bolero :p  

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