The NFL is now on week 7 and now we will be seeing the big teams face each other, like Minnesota Vikings vs Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You'll be seeing these and other big games live at the Wembley Stadium.
Here is is the NFL 2009 week 7 schedule:

San Francisco 49ers vs Houston Texans: 1:00 PM
Green Bay Packers vs Cleveland Browns: 1:00 PM
Indianapolis Colts vs St. Louis Rams: 1:00 PM
New England Patriots vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1:00 PM
Chicago Bears vs Cincinnati Bengals: 1:00 PM
San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs: 1:00 PM
Minnesota Vikings vs Pittsburgh Steelers: 1:00 PM
Buffalo Bills vs Carolina Panthers: 4:05 PM
New York Jets vs Oakland Raiders: 4:05 PM
Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys: 4:15 PM
New Orleans Saints vs Miami Dolphins: 4:15 PM
Arizona Cardinals vs New York Giants: 8:20 PM
Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins: 8:30 PM (Monday Night)

and here's NFL scores week 7 :

New England 35, Tampa Bay 7
San Diego 37, at Kansas City 7
Indianapolis 42, at St. Louis 6
Green Bay 31, at Cleveland 3
Houston 24, San Francisco 21
Pittsburgh 27, Minnesota 17


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