What will I get if I have a $500 giftcard for Talbots? Many things! I really have a thing for shoes, so i will probably be getting two pairs of shoes with the $500 and the rest of the money would be spent on other accessories. I love their canvas sneakers and there's a blue canvas sneaker that is only $49, it's the most casual looking, and sure could be very comfortable, it has rubber soles. Here's the image of that pair, they sure look lovely.

canvas sneakers

And this gladiator sandals really gets me, I oh so love this pair and it's only $79.00! It looks so chic and comfortable, wow, I can't wait to have this pair. here is the screen shot:

gladiator sandals

As to the kind of accessories that I will get, I'd probably grab their blue satin handbag, it's really cool looking. I know that it goes well with whatever clothes I'd wear.

satin handbags
And speaking of clothes, well here's what got my fancy from Talbot's, their Floral silk shell blouse that looks so comfortable and at the same time so chic, wow, I know I'd look good in it :) Here is the image of the blouse, don't you agree that it's great? And it's only $79.00. Wow I have lots more left of my $500, I'd be getting the most of what I desire!

Floral silk shell blouse
You may be wondering how do I know what's cool, well, I am always at red chair confessions, talbot's fun and exciting new blog. There I learn a lot of those finer things that women want. I won't elaborate on it but I think that it would do you a lot of good if you check it out now.

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Talbots. All opinions are 100% mine.

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