Watch Glee Season 1 Episode 12

Watch Glee Season 1 Episode 12. The economy's slump is affecting the school so it has been decided that the Glee Club won't be in the yearbook to help cut expenses. This is okay for everyone except Rachel who wants to have her "legacy" recorded forever in print. Do you agree with what Rachel wants? Meanwhile, in this episode something happens that will test the relationship of Terri and William.

As you probably know, Glee is one of my favorite new shows of the year.
Watch Glee online to catch up on episodes and news... Updated daily!

Glee is one of the most watched TV series today. I know that you are one of those who love this series that is why I took time to find some links to sites where you can enjoy the episode in full and in HD. Here is one of those websites where you can Watch Glee Season 1 Episode 12 in HD:


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