George Michael Dies. Yes, he has died but it's not the George Michael you are thinking about, George Michael the newscaster is the one who died, not the George Michael who is a great singer. Here is a news article about the death of George Michael the newscaster from NYT:

George Michael, a television sports reporter whose Sunday night show, “The George Michael Sports Machine,” was the first nationally syndicated sports show to make liberal use of highlight films, died Thursday in Washington. He was 70 and lived in Comus, Md.

The cause was chronic lymphocytic leukemia, his wife, Pat Lackman, said.

Mr. Michael was sports director and sports anchor of WRC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Washington, for 27 years. He was known as a hard-working reporter — he covered a wide range of sports events, from the Super Bowl to rodeo — but also as a large personality, a bravado interviewer and an irreverent commentator. Those qualities, as well as his belief, in the words of his wife, that “on TV, the tape is the star,” anticipated what much of television sports reporting has become, especially as presented on ESPN.


  1. NLE RESULT NOVEMBER 2009 said...

    When i read the headline, i thought George Michael - the singer.  

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