Rihanna has a new video for "Hard," a song from her Rated R LP. Fans are raving about how sexy the video is but some people think that it is as if Rihanna is trying to do a Lady Gaga, here's what one former fan says:

ohh!!! she wears a lot of things like lady gagas !! the boots !! the shoulderthing :P the mickey mouse that gaga wear on paparazzi video !! plating poker and throwing cards on a table !!! i want to see rihanna not lady gaga on the new rihanna !!

Anyways, here's the Rihanna Hard video, this is just a preview but it's enough to make you see what the former fan is talking about:


  1. Psoriatic said...

    She has everything going for her in this video. The explosions, the fashion, Jeezy! Unfortunately she just walked around and posed.  

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